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  1. Even with that said, LTD is a good album that has a few really kickass tunes considering it was made/put out quickly towards the earlier stages of the reunion hoopla that was definitely the main focus at the time. I like these 2 new Slash singles way more than the ones from LTD so I’m confident there will be some gems on the upcoming album.
  2. On this active rock chart (updated today) The River is Rising is up to #11 and HS is down to #16. https://hitsdailydouble.com/mediabase_chart_details&fmt=R2
  3. The title track itself disproves your claim. Add in tracks like Shackler’s, Riad and IRS and your claim is simply preposterous imo. Also I’d make the claim that songs from the heart typically aren’t the same as those coming mainly from a place of narcissism and victimhood.
  4. Quite the statement. Let’s just take one of Slash’s albums. You honestly think basically all the songs on CD have more heart than say Loving The Alien, You Got No Right and Fall To Pieces?
  5. Ha I can’t take you seriously after a comment like that. Regarding Axl, a lot of people bought into the idea of this tortured reclusive genius in hiding creating a masterpiece that was marketed by the press, record company and himself 20 years ago. Unfortunately the reality had a lot less mystique. He was a guy who blew up everything he had going for him and was luckily left with one huge asset. The name Guns N Roses. So he paid a bunch of dudes a lot of $$ to sit around and come up with music ideas and he would eventually cut and paste the ideas to his liking. The problem was he knew something wasn’t quite right (probably because he had been a part of the genuine real deal years before) and subsequently never had the balls to properly release or promote what he had been tinkering with all those years. So we got what we got. Not bad but certainly not worth kneecapping one of the legendary bands of rock n roll only to eventually reunite with the guy who you claimed to hate for so many years for the $$$$ and then be creatively bankrupt to the point that you don’t even try anymore.
  6. I think the plan was probably to be as lazy as possible and hope the song slowly picked up steam into 2022. It has basically stalled around #10 on the rock charts for over a month so I guess this is their half assed effort to try to kickstart it.
  7. Bright-toned pop-rocker “Fill My World,” That actually is a good description of the song. Not my favorite genre of tunes typically but I actually do like this song. Really has a more upbeat vibe to it than most SMKC tunes. Good to see they’re still changing it up and not on autopilot. Good pick for radio as well imo.
  8. Odd to make a deal about this now. Especially since Slash’s new single is being released tomorrow as well. Maybe a passive aggressive move by somebody??
  9. I’m confused. The first post mentioned it was going to be on an NFL game tomorrow (there aren’t any NFL games tomorrow). Another post mentioned Monday Night Football, but tonight is Thursday…so what’s the deal? Also kind of odd they would to drop a lyric video 12 weeks later on the exact date a new Slash song is being released.
  10. Hopefully it’s up to the quality of that one. Great tune.
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