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  1. Hopefully it’s up to the quality of that one. Great tune.
  2. I mean I don’t necessarily disagree with your sentiment, but that same line of thinking would erase the GNR song Used to Love Her. Jokes are okay people.
  3. Live in London 2003. One of my favorite Stones performances I’ve ever seen:
  4. We were talking about Anastasia earlier in the thread, what strikes on that one is how many views the best live version has on YouTube…It has 20 million views which is very impressive for a newish rock song that wasn’t even a hit at all. Most songs that were actually huge hits by rock acts this century don’t come close to that on live performances. Pretty cool:
  5. That is a good one. Speaking of that, which performance of this song do you prefer:
  6. One of the best rock songs of the 21st century imo:
  7. The cat’s middle name was the town where Ferraris are from.
  8. Is it odd that I can type in GNR Perhaps and GNR State of Grace on google and listen to those songs as the top result and it’s been that way for at least a year or more…how does that work? I wish I could do that with Atlas Shrugged as well but all I find is a cover. Not sure what exactly is the deal with all of that.
  9. Interesting. Was the Anastasia you heard a radio edit or the entire track?
  10. Anastasia is underrated IMO and definitely wasn’t their biggest radio song. That would be You’re A Lie which was a #1 rock radio song in the US and Canada.
  11. Slash moving up to #19 today and GNR back to #12: https://hitsdailydouble.com/mediabase_chart_details&fmt=R2
  12. GNR at #10, SMKC is now at #23 on this active rock radio chart: https://hitsdailydouble.com/mediabase_chart_details&fmt=R2
  13. Compared to now 2006 Axl was quite good, but it was still overall far from great. He sounded great on Nightrain most of the time. Pretty good on WTTJ most of the time. Yet he still couldn’t properly pull off 3 of the bands biggest hits (SCOM, NR and PC) to the point that he was obviously the weak link in the performances.
  14. Ha what possesses people to make stupid excuses like this? Who are you protecting? Technology advances and platforms change but the general concept of marketing doesn’t change.
  15. If Dizzy Reed is worth $40 million dollars then I’m a f’ing Buddhist monk. That site and Celebrity Net Worth (don’t understand how these clickbait sites would accurately know any of these #s unless credibly reported elsewhere) have Dizzy at that figure…Izzy for comparison is listed at $28 million. There’s no way Izzy is worth less than Dizzy is there? If so they must’ve gave Mr. Reed a hell of a deal the last 5 years touring.
  16. If we get to page 999 without a new album, it’ll be time to switch to the real thing…Flavor Aid: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flavor_Aid
  17. As of today, The River is Rising is at #30 on the active rock radio chart. HS is at #10. http://www.mediabase.com/mmrweb/allaboutcountry/Charts.asp?format=R2R
  18. I’m not quite sure what you find unfair about comparing current GNR to SMKC. That was the point of the thread, but whatever.
  19. No, this was about musically comparing the current bands that are both existing in the here and now. Who sounds better on a live stage. It’s not about perceived image.
  20. Yeah, it’s a very lame argument made by people intent on defending Axl over anything else. The ironic thing is 15 years ago (when making money off albums was already in the dumps) these same people (or others like them) were defending Axl by saying they were behind his artistic vision for new songs and evolving from old GNR. Artistically the guy has done nothing but devolve since. So a new way to defend him was needed. The truth of the matter is that everything starting going downhill when Axl got too much power over GNR. He made up excuses why he so badly wanted it, but regardless it’s been a shitshow for 25 years since. The dude couldn’t lead himself out of a wet paper bag. That’s the unfortunate problem with this whole operation. From lack of musical releases to information for fans to everything..it all goes back to one person and that individual having too much control.
  21. Sometimes it’s crazy to think about how many years one has followed this saga of a band. On the one hand, some things have occurred that we never could have reasonably expected...On the other, so much wasted potential. Time waits for nobody so hopefully there’s some more cool shit planned and it actually happens before too long.
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