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  1. Exactly. And there’s literally no reason that a GNR record has to wait till second half 2022 other than, simply, Axl doesn’t want a new record.
  2. I’m happy Slash is gonna release new music soon. It’s not like Conspirators are getting in the way of a Guns N’ Roses record. This just makes it plainly obvious GNR had no intention of releasing an album. There is no album.
  3. Slash’s record drops early 2022. That’s the end of hopes for any Guns N’ Roses record. At least we’ll have new music from Slash.
  4. Unplugged back in the early '90s would have been stellar. I always view it as a missed opportunity. "Used to Love Her" and "You're Crazy" from The Late Show in 1988 were excellent. Rose Bar and L'Arc were so cool too. Basically, anything from GNR with new arrangements would be fantastic. Imagine a six-song set of Axl sitting at the piano and singing "Catcher in the Rye" and "Perfect Crime."
  5. "We're FN Back" sounds like someone let a seventh-grader name the tour. "Not in This Lifetime" was a cool tour name till it lasted for four years. "The Next Chapter" was also stupid, especially since we all know there wasn't gonna be a record. Maybe they would have played "Hard School," like, once or twice near the tail end of the tour. I know it's a crazy concept, but how about announcing the name of a forthcoming album and using it as the name of the upcoming tour? You know, normal-people type of stuff?
  6. My first GNR show also! A long time coming. I had missed the 2002 and 2006 Allstate stops due to work obligations. Tons of pot smokers.
  7. It’s not for Guns N’ Roses. I didn’t think that at all. Meegan often posts Slash-related stories, sometimes with sound muted, because it’s related to unannounced projects. Here there’s a photo of The Band 1976. Meegan is a great follow on Instagram if you’re a big fan of Slash.
  8. There’s been an officially-licensed GNR bong (and other products) for a while now. Famous Brandz has been selling them for at least a year and a half https://famousbrandz.com/collections/guns-n-roses Personally, I wish they’d release some glassware for beer. Strange that a band that licenses toy trains is missing out on this opportunity.
  9. Q4 release is what we’re clinging to now? This band is so lame. Drop “Hard School” at midnight prior to the first show of the tour. Then open with it. It’s really not that difficult.
  10. I love Izzy, but it's also work to keep a band going. That's something he wasn't and isn't interested in. But he's definitely interested in stopping by every few years for the payday, right? So it is about the money.
  11. This would piss me off. We waited so long for new music and then we get a reworked version of a song that came out in 2008. It would be so on-brand for GNR to do something like that. Now, if they released a "Chinese Democracy Live Era" type of thing, or "Not in This Lifetime" live disc, I'd be fully on board. Edit: My favorite Chicago breweries are Half Acre and Hop Butcher for the World. Hop Butcher will open their first taproom this fall. They're actually taking over Half Acre's Lincoln Ave. location.
  12. Listening now. This is really fun. Just what I needed this morning. Happy they included Slash solo too. I was gonna skip around but didn’t realize how much I miss seeing this band perform. “Sweet Child” is awesome here, but, man, I wish they’d slow their tempo down. I know it’s been discussed, that they prefer playing faster. But I wish some of the songs they’d slow down. “Better” is such a kickass song live. I enjoyed this version, especially into the bridge and coda. Axl sounded good on it. And I’m so glad to have a pro shot “There was a Time,” especi
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRAlcqKMiwu/?utm_medium=copy_link popcorn
  14. How is it difficult to keep a surprise release a secret? Other artists have done it recently. Big-name artists.
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