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  1. Imagine that. GNR releasing new music a year after AFD as a way to satiate their fanbase. Then they turned around and released a double album only two years afterward. We're 12 years removed from Chinese Democracy, a record the official social media channels seem to completely ignore. At least, I guess, the band still plays CD songs live.
  2. Meegan has some photos and videos in her Instagram story, but the sound is off because she says it's top secret. Also has an emoji covering the monitors. I will assume this is GNR-related, though it probably is not. lol
  3. Meegan posted a couple photos/videos in her Instagram stories with Slash in studio, but sound was off 'cause she said it's top secret. I'm gonna go ahead and assume it's because it's GNR-related. But probably not.
  4. This is absolutely brilliant. Vintage Slash tone. I hope to hear this live sometime, at least in part. Slash is so great.
  5. Sorry, but I disagree. It's a guitars-driven rock and roll record with ballads. If the solos on "This I Love," and "There was a Time" don't sound like GNR to people, then I'm not sure what the heck to tell them.
  6. I can see Slash and the Conspirators dropping a new record whenever. Not even necessarily waiting to be able to tour it. I can also see Guns deciding to pretend they want to wait till 2022 to release a new album because of the new excuse: crowded 2021 release calendar.
  7. Speak for yourself, brah. I love Chinese Democracy and would put it as my third favorite GNR record behind Appetite and Use Your Illusion 2.
  8. Isn't it sad that we are forced to piece together Guns N' Roses information based on what other bands are doing? Like watching Alter Bridge, Conspirators future projects and announcements?
  9. You just depressed me by jogging my memory for what it was like in the spring and summer of 2016. GNR was everywhere. All over billboards in Chicago. Almost all of my friends and people I knew went to one of the Soldier Field shows. They band was definitely "back." I was like, FINALLY, MOTHERFUCKERS. I mean, to me, they never left. I had been attending GNR shows and Slash/Conspirators shows and so forth. But it was so rad to see people falling back in love with GNR. I get why there was no record in 2016. Get out and tour while the demand is sky high. By 2018, 2019, I was pretty wel
  10. Slash was in Elk Grove (suburb of Chicago) talking about Eddie Van Halen and the pinball machines (which are manufactured here locally). These machines look dope AF. Really hoping some of them end up in the bar arcades around town. Also, I want Slash's "fuck" mask. Where can I cop?
  11. I disagree. I think it's about time they act like a real and current band and highlight current members vs casting them in shadows. I am over the nostalgia tour. Give us new music with current lineup.
  12. Thanks for posting this. The way the question was phrased to Richard was pretty disrespectful. “Axl-only” GNR vs “proper” GNR. LIke, way to diminish his contributions. But then again, NITL GNR has pretty much relegated everyone but “the big three” to the background.
  13. There is no point. It’s garbage. And they let that dude Mojo treat it like another version of his terrible forum.
  14. I probably said this earlier, but it's not that fuckin' serious. Just release some new music. Clearly Duff and Slash still enjoy making new music. It doesn't have to be the greatest record ever. It doesn't even have to be the best record of 2020. Just show us you're still an actual band and not just a touring act content to only sing songs from 1987 and sell us toy trains.
  15. Why do you doubt they’d meet in a studio when Slash very clearly was just photographed in a studio with Kerns? If Axl and Slash aren’t in studio together, it isn’t because of coronavirus.
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