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  1. GNR was still extremely popular in America in 1992-1993, much more so than Nirvana. Nirvana truly exploded after Kurt's death around the Unplugged airing. People were lining up to buy the Illusions records in late 1991. "November Rain" was one of the most highly-requested and played songs on MTV in all of 1992. It was the disappearance of GNR and the breakup that caused them to fade in popularity. Certainly not Kurt's antics.
  2. So Boomerang isn't an actual TV channel anymore? How do we watch this besides signing up for the app? Edit: I see it is for some providers but my cable provider doesn't carry it.
  3. These seemingly random cartoon appearances are pretty dope, especially the Looney Tunes one considering it featured Axl actually singing. But I have to admit both times my first thought was, where's the new album? I just wish my favorite band gave me a new record to spin in quarantine. That's all I'm saying.
  4. I never really liked DJ Ashba. Something about him just screamed clown. I didn't like Bumblefoot either, but at least he could shred. Ashba was the Wish dot com version of Slash. People wanna say the NITL gang are in it for the "loot," but if anyone was in GNR for the money, it was Ashba, who name-dropped GNR or Axl all the time to push his personal ventures. The guy used GNR every chance he got, right till the end with that BS letter explaining why he left. I've been to a bunch of live shows, and I don't really see this supposed lack of chemistry between Axl and Slash.
  5. Just started listening. Already disappointed (expectedly) at how most of what he's doing or at least talking about is with Myles and Conspirators. I enjoy that band a lot, but I'm hungry for GNR news. Looks like, as usual, there is none.
  6. Foo Fighters are releasing their 10th studio album on Feb. 5. It was originally slated for 2020 to coincide with their 25th anniversary, but it was delayed due to the pandemic. Dave Grohl had this to say: “So, six or seven months went by, and I’m, like: ‘We make this music for people to hear. We don’t just make it so that we can go hit the road. We write these songs so people can enjoy them and sing along, whether it’s in their kitchen by themselves with a bottle of Crown Royal or in a stadium bouncing around, singing the choruses. So, I was, like, right now, more than ever, people
  7. Subject should read: Band with Slash's, Weiland's, and Trujillo's sons. The way it's written, it's like you're saying there is a one-man band featuring the son of all three bandmembers. When multiple people possess the same item, the apostrophe and S are used on the final name listed (as in the subject head above). When the possession is separate rather than joint, you use possessive form for all names mentioned. Example: John's and Mike's homes are completely furnished. John and Mike each own their own home. John and Mike's home is completely furnished. John and
  8. It's really hard to argue against "Paradise City." It's become a permanent fixture as the closer and for good reason. The way they incorporated the confetti and the fireworks, and just the way the song builds with a simple guitar strum, then launches into an driving riff, culminating into a cacophony of sound. And then, lyrically, it makes sense: "Oh won't you take me home." It's their go-home song. It's great. ALL that said, I tend to agree with others that "Nightrain" could also work. But it wouldn't be as good.
  9. If this was a normal band, I would take the "worked on record" statement to mean it's in the can or in post-production. But since this is GNR, it's probably a bunch of guitar riffs and melodies that Slash and Duff worked on that don't have any vocals and there is no record.
  10. Imagine if they released a photo like that with a four-second clip of something on Twitter. This forum would shut down due to server overload.
  11. For me, 2020 highlighted the fact that Guns N' Roses will under no circumstances release new music. They are content to be a touring juggernaut. If they can't find time to record an album during a worldwide pandemic, they never will. I'd bet almost anything there is not one completed studio track. It's pathetic.
  12. I think it could make a cool opener for them. Just launch right in. Of course this will literally never happen.
  13. Yeah, they sound-tested "Hard School" prior to their very last shows this year in Mexico (Axl too). Someone leaked a snippet of it. It actually seems like they were thinking about eventually, maybe, potentially, including it in the actual live set.
  14. Bruh. I have heard these boomers say countless times they don't want new music or they don't care about new music. It's one thing to just be all, "I'm stuck in 1987 forever." But it's another to actively say you hope they don't release new music as if it somehow erases their past work. These fans literally want to go hear "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" at every concert for the rest of their lives and relive that half decade of the '80s/early '90s for the rest of their time.
  15. Disagree with this assessment. It isn't dreadful. They just went for a contemporary record by design. Corgan wanted to make something synth pop. Which is cool. It's different. There's something that any Pumpkin fan can like on it, at least a song or two. I have to listen more for a true review. I like that he keeps trying to do new things. Next record is supposed to be a rock opera.
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