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  1. A huge portion of GNR's fan base doesn't give a shit about new music. It's "classic rockers" who wanna hear the bangers from their youth. The songs that were playing on the radio when they came of age, partied, lost virginity, etc.
  2. I do think a full album is coming. I don't think it's coming soon. Meegan posted that the first single from Slash/Conspirators' new record is dropping very soon. I don't see how it logically even makes sense to release a Conspirators single then do a GNR album drop in, say, November. Unfortunately, though it's been a fun year, I think GNR will stay dark till before the next leg of a tour starts. We will probably see a record in that timeframe.
  3. I wasn’t complaining though. I was responding to the question on why they’d do a “single” or “ep” physical release if an album was forthcoming. I’m happy with it.
  4. Honestly? Money. That's why. I don't even buy physical releases anymore, and I ordered the CD and the vinyl knowing full well I have to wait for almost a year to get it. And if this theoretical album dropped between now and then, I'd cop that too. I assume "Hard Skool" and "Absurd" will be on the full-length record, but it would be pretty awesome if they weren't. More songs is never a bad thing. Plus, it would make the "EP" we all ordered a little more special.
  5. Goddamn, I love you brilliant bastards for giving me hope by studying numbers. The depths we must go to try to cull information about a new record is beyond ridiculous, but also fun. I choose to continue to hope a new album is coming sooner rather than later.
  6. "This I love" sounds like GNR. "There was a Time" sounds like GNR. That song has some of the best guitar solos in their catalog. In fact, the Chinese Democracy record features blistering guitars and tremendous codas, both staples of GNR. Saying "Hard Skool" sounds like the first proper GNR song in 30 years is ridiculous because that just means it has Slash's trademark tone. Of course that sound is instantly recognizable, and Slash's greatest success is with GNR. I like what was done with "Hard Skool" and "Absurd." "Absurd" similarly has the trademark Slash guitar tone and Duff's groovy bass. However, I'd really like to see what else this current group puts out, 'cause I'd like more evolutionary type of work. Not a fallback to a "traditional" sound. Something like live "Better" with the bridge intro sounds really dope. Had that been the studio release, it'd be like a blend of old GNR styles and new. But if they're just gonna past Axl's vocals over some Slash and Duff music, I know it'll be good and it'll "sound like Guns N' Roses." But I'm not sure it's going to be taking the group in any type of new direction. And I guess at this point, it's OK. Then again, all that said, "Absurd" kind of points to a band that isn't afraid to put out something people don't expect from them. So I hope there's a lot more where that came from.
  7. It's not weird Slash is promoting a new single already. It's weird they did no promo besides the obligatory social media post for the new GNR studio releases. It'd be cool to hear them discuss future GNR plans, but that isn't gonna happen. If anything, maybe the canceled tour will push up the Conspirators record. I can't wait to see them live again. And here's hoping Duff does another solo tour too.
  8. I've had a lot of fun following this tour and the two new songs, and official studio releases. It's a bummer it's over. I was lowkey hoping for a random UCAP theater type tour. Brief Vegas run. Something to keep this momentum going. The band sounded tight, they all looked like they were having a blast after a year off the road. I am now a believer a new album drop was likely imminent but it was all put on pause starting with Mexico.
  9. People in here complaining about the set list tonight are acting like little bitches. We wanted them to change shit up and they finally have been. Tonight’s set list was awesome. I’m jealous of Catcher. I’m still chasing that dragon.
  10. Stream is jumping but it appears he's still feeling his way around how to sing the verses. I wish the studio version had Duff and Melissa this high in the mix on the "too hard school" part. Definitely a banger.
  11. Man the stream I'm watching keeps skipping, but this Hard Skool sounds better than the other night.
  12. "You're Crazy" sounds really good. Good stream too. Thank you, whoever you are!
  13. They should open with "Hard Skool" at this point.
  14. So ... uh ... are we gonna get "Atlas Shrugged" tonight or what?
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