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  1. Hope you get that spot! The ADA section seems like it's usually somewhere in the middle of field for these types of things, unless I'm mistaken. I did notice for Wrigley it's right in front of the pit.
  2. Exactly. There are definitely some artists who delayed their records. But then a lot eventually saw release once the pandemic started going into 2021. If there's really a GNR record — and let's be honest, there isn't — then the perfect time to drop it would be next month right before the US tour.
  3. Weezer already released two records in 2021. The Struts just released one at the end of 2020. Foo Fighters had a new record. Plenty of bands are releasing records. It's a copout for GNR to delay a record into 2022 if they're blaming coronavirus.
  4. It's difficult to capture the Appetite sound without the duality of Slash vs. Izzy as well as Adler's trademark loose drumming. To quote Izzy, Adler's "sense of swing was the push and pull that gives the songs their feel." That isn't to say Chinese Democracy lacks songs that could have been on Appetite, but they would have been structured entirely different. "IRS," and "Riad" and "Better" all come to mind. Even "Chinese Democracy," which is a bit more alt-rock, but was a lot grungier in its early form. I know people have been saying it for years, but Chinese was sort of the evolutio
  5. Robin Finck and Tommy Stinson were both in the band at this time. To say they've never written much of anything is preposterous.
  6. The song is a definite banger. I'm looking forward to hearing a new version with Duff and Slash. It just doesn't seem complete to me. As to why it was never released or played live? Why else? W. Axl Rose. A lot of GNR fans were looking forward to the Mexico 2020 show because it was supposed to be a new tour, not a continued version of the last tour. And there were promises of "new" stuff being added to the set list. Note: not new songs, per se, but changing up the set list. Then, of course, the leak of GNR rehearsing "Hard School." It got me pretty excited. Enough that I sat up
  7. Yes. Once the local politicians here started guessing Chicago would be full capacity sometime in June, I couldn't wait any longer to repurchase GNR tickets for Wrigley Field. Call me a sucker. I admit I am one. And the concert could certainly still be rescheduled. But I wanted to jump while there was still prime spots available. I probably will regret this, but I ended up getting row 3 behind pit rather than GA pit. I always buy pit tickets for GNR, but I feel like I don't even have the concert stamina right now after a year of not attending. It'll likely be a hot and humid July d
  8. Chicago is looking to open full capacity/no restrictions on July 1. This tour might actually happen.
  9. I never said GNR was just Axl. I said the only constant from GNR's formation till present-day is Axl Rose. You refuse to accept reality, which is that there was a Guns N' Roses before Slash, Duff and Steven. There was a Guns N' Roses after Izzy quit and Adler was fired. And there was a Guns N' Roses after Slash and Duff quit the band.
  10. Thank you for the clarification. This show I'm going to would be Wrigley Field, so I am sure they probably use a similar policy. But who knows. I'll check out the fine print.
  11. You're making a ton of silly assumptions and trying to pass off your opinions as truth. I love hearing Chinese Democracy songs live as much as anything from the other records. I was chasing "There was a Time" for a long time till I finally heard it live in Chicago. And "Madagascar" is absolutely epic live. "No offense" to you, but your justifications on who is original and who is a replacement is hilarious. The first replacement is legitimate but then if someone replaces the replacement, it's a farce. lol. OK, bud. You want to heap all this love on Matt Sorum, yet you completely dis
  12. Wow, I didn't realize they even had a new record. I'd been listening to the single "Low Key in Love." Definitely gonna check out the new record now. I've seen The Struts a few times live. Always a fun time. First was a Halloween show where they did half the set as Oasis singing Oasis songs. It was a PACKED house. Tons of energy. The other times was opening for Foo Fighters at Wrigley Field and then performing during the day at Riot Fest. Man, I can't wait for live events.
  13. If Guns N' Roses doesn't drop a record right before this next tour, I don't know what to say. There is literally no excuse to not have a record done after a worldwide pandemic kept people indoors for over a year. If you can't figure it out while stuck at home for a fuckin' year, then you're never gonna figure it out.
  14. I was unaware they didn't refund the fees. That's awful and really not operating in good faith. I want to buy pit tickets to GNR this summer, but I was reluctant because I don't know if it'll be rescheduled. I'm not in the mood to give Ticketmaster $600 to hang on to for another year. But now that I know they don't refund the fees? Ouch. I might just hold off till last possible minute, even if it means missing out on pit.
  15. I am going to go back and read this thread in full, but I wanted to comment on the hypothetical "peace of mind" vs. "anxiety releasing new material." What anxiety at this point? No one can say what they said of Chinese Democracy, which was the bunk notion that "it's not good without Slash." Slash will be on the record. Duff will be on the record. If anything, the criticism of Axl is much greater for his complete inability to release but one record since the salad days. No one is expecting something that matches Appetite. Not anymore. Those days are gone. Fans -- and not even all GNR
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