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  1. This is not necessarily a bad thing, maybe there's enough material for an album, but they like to continue writing.... Don't get me wrong, I share the frustration of them not releasing anything (except Rock the Rock and Shadow of your Love)
  2. I got the locker leaks last year, but is there a studio outtake of Silkworms with the "wah wah guitar solo " that comes after, what should I do with a bitch like you ? Or are the live takes the only other version we have ?
  3. From what I remember from other "big" bands it's not an uncommon thing to tour other continents first, it also depends on the scedule, for example, the festival season in Europe is not a thing a lot of bands want to skip
  4. I like Silworms too,but I miss the Wah wah pedal solo's in the latest leaks
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