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  1. For the Raleigh llitho, What image is revealed if you scratch off the section of the litho with that material?
  2. I've loved the demo since I first heard it. I do miss the drums a lot, but that's exactly why the artists beg you not to seek out unreleased demos. So if I never heard it, I'd never know what I'm missing. And the drums now are totally serviceable. I love what Slash and Duff have done with it. I could do without the school bell lol, but I can tell you my 3 year old [Aiden Axl] goes crazy for it and lights up huge when he hears it. That and the build up before the final choruses has him rocking out in his car seat! Really amazing feeling to have something this good out and readily available.
  3. Hi Ulrich I have quite a few lithos framed and displayed in my house, Winnipeg being one of my favorites. Can you give us shed some light on how you chose that design? I love the use of lyrics as well!
  4. I know this is 100% hearsay but I had a person I knew who was aware how big a fan I am and they mentioned to me that they worked at Salon Memorial Kettering [cancer hospital] and said Axl was a patient there in the very early 2000's.
  5. This was the official start of me waiting for Axl to takeover the world again. And there were certainly glimpses of when I thought it could be a reality. This show, Rio '01, MSG '02, CD release in '08, 2006/2007/2010 tours, But it really wasnt until probably the end of 2010 when it dawned on me that even though I wanted to see him as the top rock star in the world, he never really gave a shit about whether or not the rest of the world saw him that way. He was just trying to get his music out there and juggle expectations that the bands legacy required as well as whatever he had going on personally through the years. And that will just have to be enough for you as a fan or else you will be severely disappointed. Do you guys think there was a time [post 2000] where Axl really cared about being in the biggest band in the world again?
  6. Fuck it, I emailed the guy myself and he wrote back, for anyone interested. Not sure why its purple. 1. How did the interview come about? Did you reach out to management? *it came through his publicist. just kind of threw it out there at the onset of the campaign and at a certain point he bit. 2. Did you have any previous relationship with Axl or the band? There were tons of press inquires that he denied at the time, would love to know how you were chosen to do 1 of the only 3 interviews he did for the album release. *i've had a longstanding relationship with the band, from the very beginning, as well as with the various publicists over the years. 3. Its my understanding that the interview was conducted via email, is that correct, and how long did it take to get the responses? *it was email, yes. don't remember exactly how long the responses took but I recall it being a fairly quick return 4. Do you remember if there were any subjects that were off limits? *not that I recall. 5. Did you ever hear from Axl or management after the interview was published? *nope 6. Do you know why the interview was published months after the album was officially released? *It was one for a number of outlets, and I know some of them published very quickly. not sure which one you saw. if it's for the Oakland Press it's possible I saved it until there was a show in town. but other outlets published it fairly quickly. 7. Do you ever go back and listen to the album now? *i haven't in a while. the nature of what I do is I spend 95 percent of my listening time with brand new music and don't have a great deal of opportunity to listen just for pleasure. hope this helps
  7. This is an A plus find. Maybe someone here could contact the interviewer and ask what the process was for securing and printing this interview. Would love to know how he landed this.
  8. I may be completely wrong but I've always assumed the people that would seriously consider buying this would be way under what you would need to be profitable to do even a limited printing. I could be completely off, but i feel like people inside our bubble would loelve it but who knows about outsiders. I wonder how the tour book sold?
  9. 2 grand was the price in 2018 lol. We were saying that we should have popped when that was the number. But it was a good lesson to learn, no matter how expensive it was.
  10. Haha. Believe it or not, she was the one who told me to pull the trigger. I wouldnt of ever went there, but she was the one who told me to do it when I scoffed at $2,000 a few years ago. I should have listened to her then lol. She knows I dont buy anything for myself and this was the one thing I wanted more than anything else. You have to buy it when its it's available. Like our very own "god of lithos" @amaninjapansaid, "you never know when the last kobe will be for sale". And those words resonated.
  11. Thanks! As of now i have it in the hallway leading to the basement. Only place I could convince the wife to display them. And yes on the question about the border. I have standard 18x24 frames for all my other lithos that work fine but this one seemed to bubble up when I tried to put the back of the frame on. So I took it somewhere to get framed and this was the end result. I put a gold border around the frame and it really makes it stand out when its on the wall with the others in the set.
  12. I guess this will have to do https://ibb.co/VBd9CWH @The Holographic Universe yes sir!
  13. I always have an issue with this, how do i post a picture on here. I have it hosted through one of those websites but when i try to insert the link, the screen wont go through. Does that mean its a sizing issue? Its not giving me any info.
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