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  1. Not holding you to anything but percentage wise how big of an issue is that dent. Do you think that is worth 10% less than a mint poster or are we being too generous with that? If you cant wager a guess as to what it does to the value then god help the rest of us.
  2. Do we think the guy on the facebook page would do better selling it on there rather than another ebay auction?
  3. When I have it in my possession I will get a picture up here. Building suspense........
  4. Another fantastic episode. Thanks for taking the effort and time to put these together. If there were any 2nd thoughts at all on my end about a fairly large litho purchase that I recently made, this Podcast put me at complete ease. It's so great to hear the appreciation for these pieces.
  5. I was then lol, then Kobe was listed and just like that I wasn't. PM me back if you can, I would like to talk more about it through the messenger.
  6. Alright its over now Who was I bidding against at the end there? Was it someone here?
  7. What type of GNR items have you seen up for grabs at auction houses?
  8. Jesus you have a good memory lol. When I tried bidding on Kobe the other day my username was blocked by the seller , I remembered after the fact that we had had words previously lol. Had to use my wife's username to start bidding. I guess in retrospect the $2000 would have been a gift.
  9. I'm fairly surprised that it's getting bid up like this with this many days left in the auction. I would have thought it would have come down to the last hour or so.
  10. Your second line sounds right, but I've never been sold on that first line. "Shine like more than a bomb you are"? What does that even mean? It seems clunky and weird.
  11. Does anyone have any newer guesses as to the lyrics in the chorus? Even as it stands now the song is an all time favorite of mine and everyone I've ever played it for has instantly realized its potential as something special.
  12. Man I love hearing these. Excellent scoop you got out of Arian about the Tokyo litho and who requested it! Makes me love it that much more. Stop putting yourself down and calling it torturous to listen to. I find the time just breezes by. And having your friend on to relive his experience was great. Having somone who attended a show from each leg is an excellent addition.
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