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  1. It wasn’t a mistake. They used the exact same video in Baltimore for YCBM last week.
  2. My 2016 Philly shirt developed holes under both sleeves with only a handful of wears. I eventually cut them off and it’s been relegated to an around the house/sleep shirt.
  3. Nothing wrong with the band’s rendition of it, I just don’t like the song in general.
  4. Only song that I find boring is Wichita Lineman. I’d be happy if they never played that song ever again.
  5. Intro video started at 7:58. He was EXTREMELY angry about it. From my seats, I could see him flipping out on the sound crew. At one point, he ripped the IEM off and threw it across the stage. I’m not sure if he threw it AT someone, but he chucked that thing as far as he could.
  6. Axl said that before the song. He had his IEM swapped after Jungle. He had to finish the song without it. He literally ripped it off and threw it across the stage. There was a 2 minute or so hiatus after Jungle while they got the new one hooked up.
  7. I’m curious to see if Sorry is a rotator slot the last few shows where they’ll throw some other stuff in.
  8. He said that people come to him and say “Axl, I’m feeling down, and I make them feel better. I sprinkle a little Ray of pitch black on their lives. That’s what I do.”
  9. Maddy is usually in the encore. this is a longer set than usual with Hard Skool, Patience, and now Sorry.
  10. “That was interesting. That was something. What that something was, I’m not exactly sure.” - Axl after Hard Skool. So psyched that I can say that I saw the first ever live performance of it!
  11. Axl sounds great tonight. He had an issue with his IEM early on and they had to replace it. He absolutely NAILED “Better”, though. Glad that I made the trip!
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