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  1. Promising single,Brian's voice sound fresh and the song so simple but it rocks.
  2. AC/DC to release new album,Judas Priest already writing new stuff....only in the world of Axl Rose and GnR there are always unexpected delays for any kind of reasons nobody can explain. The best leaking protection from the other hand.
  3. Insiders can't tell us absolute nothing new,same old news with someday soon part. Chinese Damnocarcy part 2.
  4. Even astrologers it's hard to predict,but i'm tired and bored to hear/read "don't hold your breath" anymore.Even Slash can't say nothing more than just generic shit.
  5. With so much rehearsals and work in the studio,they should release a 4 disc pack with completely new material.
  6. For God shake,Axl is a very difficult dude to make contract with,you can't agree with him as other bands with companies,ok 4-6 years contract,2 albums you have to release for ex.
  7. All these artists and bands releasing new albums cause mostly have contacts with their disc companies,they cannot do different,Axl can delay for ever and they will still suck his balls.
  8. We hear that everyone worked hard in their houses/studios and wrote stuff for GN'R,BUT,nobody can say something more than "sometime soon".
  9. Alice should retire some time,i think his voice is out of breath lately and his stuff is not interesting anymore for me.
  10. If Axl don't speak for new album or new material,nobody else opinion matters,Slash can say whatever he wants,Duff too.
  11. For GOD SHAKE,nothing is gonna happen anytime soon,but 1 latest album before the end of this world as we know it,i still have faith.
  12. Cause she throws some useless info just to get attention,oh i heard stuff from new upcoming GNR album,it's great,i can't give further details,LOL.
  13. Mckagan wife knows but the bitch dont tell us much.Release all the unrelease stuff with a triple disc and 50 new songs,new worldwide tour with 4 hours setlist.
  14. It's tiring and boring hoping for new disc,EP,or whatever single,demo etc.But even if you say i don't hold my breath,you know inside you hold it.
  15. Once more,i dislike,i really hate curt cobain and his band,it's just me,doesn't matter.
  16. Slash solos are decent but i think this album will be forgotten soon,ozzy is done,wylde didnt wrote a note here and vocals are overproccesed.
  17. They should release a double album,nothing more nothing less,it's a risk probably but if we count Axl's material from cd period and what new slash can bring,then it's a hell combination.UYI 3?
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