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  1. Wolfmother TOP 11 on general US charts in 24 hours of album release! Say whaaaattt?!?!

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    2. The Matinator

      The Matinator

      You didn't like keep moving? I mean it wasn't there most solid record but its got a lot of great tracks on it.

    3. Cosmo


      I liked a few songs like title track, Vicarious, Ghetto, Meridian, Black Swan and Everyday Drone but it's a 17-track album with like... At least 5 utter fillers. I always skip songs like Let It Go, She's A Motorhead, Standing In The Corner, Of The Earth and It Occured To Me. He could have kept it a small, 10 or 11 track album with sweeter tracklist. 

    4. Cosmo


      I like it, I just think it's an average good album.  Considering WM is my favorite band, that's kinda bad :P

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