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  1. ready for some taco bell ballads? stephanie seymour is so yesterday.
  2. I want a You Could Be Mine demo. EDIT: And don't forget a mix where you can hear whatever Izzy is playing, lol.
  3. No, I don't remember that, but The General has stuff that's similar to the woo-ho stuff in Quicksong. I think I already posted about this last year BTW, good job @evader
  4. I thought it was pretty catchy, because of those "woo-ho, woo-ho" vocals. That sounded like a mix of Axl, Tommy and Dizzy...something like that. Well, if you liked the Bucket/Brian stuff that leaked last year, you'll like this song too. It really fits those songs. I don't remember much of it, though. The guitar solo sounded amazing and the Axl screaming part was heavy. I was surprised when they said that the concert intro is The General and when everybody said that this song from the after-show party was that very song. To me, it doesn't fit, but I don't know. It's b
  5. I wish I had recorded that fucking thing in a better quality......
  6. I'm going. If they play the same shit, that will be my last show
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