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  1. I really don't ikea Myles voice at all. I wish Slash kept on doing Slash "and friends" style albums.
  2. Anyone trade in their Switch for the OLED version? I haven't played docked in nearly 2 years now so I'm considering the upgrade. Mine is an OG V1 (not modded) so wonder if I'm better off selling it privately for more.
  3. It's definitely an issue. Rule of thumb is that if the price is too good to be true (under $100) then it probably is questionable (especially when the same seller pops up once every 2 months with the same batch). And then there's that guy in Ohio with spme really nice rare ones (and a few with pinholes) - no clue if they are real or not. GNR fans are some of the easiest marks out there.
  4. Imagine sitting through the current 15-minute version only to be told they're gonna do it again
  5. No, his voice in Rapid Fire nearly rasp-less. I think there's something like 4-5 songs floating around out there. Nothing special imo
  6. I'm glad he moved away from his Rapid Fire voice.
  7. At the same time, RHCP fans are hyped for consistently getting 65 minute concerts from their band. Granted, it's non-stop 65 minutes of excellence!
  8. Hardskool/Absurd physical release is really for the hard-core fans. From what I understand the lable isn't really involved and you can't purchase from anywhere except the band's store. I don't see it having any affect personally.
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