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  1. It was on my box from a few years ago so pretty sure it isn't a newer version. Also watched Cop Land last night. Solid film. Crimes and Misdemeanors a few nights ago. First time viewing it and really enjoyed it.
  2. The Godfather Part III. It was worse than I remembered....
  3. GGG won the first fight and the Boxing world knows it. I had the 2nd fight even and cool with Canelo getting the W. Both were great fights and looking forward to a third.
  4. GGG looked great, even if he was fighting a bum of a #1 contender. Looking forward to his next fight, hopefully it's against Canelo or Andrade. Should be a great fight tmr night!
  5. Was this album repressed on vinyl in 2018, or just the new songs?
  6. Really cool. I have this album on CD and might bust it out again.
  7. I've been watching Flight Attendant as well, its a fun watch. Plus Shoshanna from Girls is in it! Just watched first episode of Your Honor, with Bryan Cranston, and can't wait to watch the rest of the season as it comes out. Really good show (or first episode at least)!
  8. Inception was great though. First 2 Matrix were a lot of fun, third not so much. Bourne films are decent. Sixth Sense was really great and you should check it out.
  9. Extremely disappointed with this movie... visually it was pretty good though.
  10. I know her, she's the one who dances around direct questions. Because these lockdown measures are not doing anything. If anything, they are doing more harm to society. Fear of being accused of not doing enough is behind many of these decisions (with a touch of white privilege and elitism). Why else would they tape off park benches? Because of science?
  11. Never heard of them. Like recent protests all over the world, Ontarioians should revolt but they won't. Science and reason aren't behind these decisions.
  12. Our government is cute. You can't sit at a park bench anymore but you can pack busses and buy lipstick at Shoppers Drug Mart or Pickles at Walmart. I expect people to revolt (but they won't because all the anarchists are in Quebec and BC). Maybe that's why they have camps set up.
  13. Anyone recommend Luigi's Mansion 3? Its on pretty good black Friday sale so thinking of putting it on my Christmas wish list (wife hates buying me video games lol) but never played the first 2.
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