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  1. Lopez is a massive underdog, gonna drop a hundo on him winning!
  2. How do I check for how deaths there have been this year from the Flu, and how does it compare to prior years?
  3. Back to Super Mario 3D All Stars, I've just finished up SM64 yesterday. I got all 6 stars on every Course (didn't try to get the 100 coins stars) and had a lot of fun going through it - the camera really got on my nerves at times but its all good. Started Sunshine today (first time playing it) and it looks great. Seems very different to typical Mario games, but thats not a bad thing (I loved SM2 when I was a kid).
  4. Just finished season 1 and really enjoyed it! Staying out of this thread until I watch season 2...
  5. Kobe sold yesterday on ebay for $4400. The seller should be very happy (even after ebay takes their share) and thanking the previous bidders for inflating its value lol
  6. Biden is losing votes with each segment that passes. Such a shame Sanders didn't get the opportunity to take Trump down...
  7. With the amount of people still buying the Switch, AAA games are gonna be released for at least another 3 years.
  8. My amazon pre order was updated to be delivered on the 28th... i called and cancelled. Will go to my local ebgames or best buy later today and pick it up. Not really in a rush to play them but don't want to miss you should they not get restocked.
  9. I'm not sure if this is a legit 2nd wave or if there are more cases because more younger people and children are getting tested. If a kid has sniffles they won't be let back in school and there are now people waiting for 3+ hours to get tested because they can't get back into schools/daycare without a negative test result. Have death rates surged again?
  10. I play undocked all the time and it us typically exclusively inside my house. 3D all stars is 3 games, not 1. Amazon.ca hasnt even shipped my pre-order yet... It sucks that Walmart Canada doesn't offer the amazing deals on switch games/accessories than US gets... Dead Cells is awesome, hooked on it past few weeks. Will buy the new Ori when it goes on sale. Where the fuck is the new Hollow Knight?!
  11. Not at all. I do think it is being exploited and the media doom n'f'n' gloom will fizzle away once your election is behind us. The virus is real, the hype is not.
  12. Seems like daily deaths aren't really being reported on in Ontario anymore. Media is fixated on new daily cases how they have been rising at pre-summer levels. Hopefully deaths don't follow and society gets shut down again. US Election can't come soon enough!
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