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  1. Is it true that the case counts don't include anyone who tests positive, if they are fully vaccinated, per the CDCs new guidelines? They like to move goalposts as I've mentioned in the past. I can't find a source so unsure if it true or just more white nationalist propaganda.
  2. I've already received a refund but received an email that it's officially cancelled and that refund will be processed. Wonder if it'll get processed twice...
  3. I agree with this. But what about writing credits? I wouldn't be surprised to have Pitman and/or Tobias songs on the new gnr (lol) record.
  4. It looks like the 2015 Euro version, which doesn't look like it contains Leave Me Alone... ah well, still glad I picked it up.
  5. Thanks, not sure exactly which one but someone in my area is selling a sealed one for 29$ CAD and I've been meaning to pick a copy up. He also has a sealed copy of GNR GH for $45 that I'm happily going to pass on...
  6. @RussTCBis Michael Jackson Bad 180 grams (not picture disk) a good pressing?
  7. How on Earth was that Turkish bum WBC's number one contender to fight Canelo? That is whats wrong with boxing...
  8. In no particular order... NHL94 (thanks Downzy for the reminder) Super Mario Bros 3 GTA: San Andreas Street Fighter II Hollow Knight Mike Tyson's Punch Out! Zelda BotW Fifa (no particular year) Dead Cells TMNT: The Arcade Game
  9. https://www.who.int/news/item/20-01-2021-who-information-notice-for-ivd-users-2020-05?s=04 It only took the WHO 10 months to realize that the PCR test is deeply flawed. Do you wear 2 mask when you leave your house for "essential" items? Edit- it is now safe to wear a wet face mask because it was reported in a study 😄 https://ottawasun.com/diseases-and-conditions/coronavirus/it-sounds-gross-but-the-humidity-in-your-mask-is-good-for-you/wcm/a61e7fb3-9f8e-4651-8442-d3f42212d3a6
  10. Are you suggesting that the who and cdc didn't change the threshold of what a positive test is?
  11. Infections are down because the threshold was significantly reduced on inauguration day.
  12. Mario Golf looks fun. I never played the Zelda from Wii so ill grab that as well, discounted used, eventually. I tend to buy the majority of my games from kijiji and then resell them once im done.
  13. BotW was released on both systems at the same time so I don't classify it as a port like the others (not saying that you are). Luigis Mansion 3 and SMM2 are both great titles. But I agree, hopefully we get Oddessy 2, BotW2, Metroid before the life cycle is up. 3D World is an amazing game and glad it was ported over. I'll pick it up used at some point. 90-minute Nintendo Direct happening 5pm EST later today. Hopefully we get some great things to look forward to.
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