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  1. Oh, my point was that they could do so - sue him for forcing them to sign a contract (not that I believe that is what happened) - only until the statue of limitations has passed. Most offences / crimes even can be pursued in court only within a specified time. I think someone at gnrevo (where some parts of the contract were posted) implied that Axl used the clause shortly after the statute passed (and I don't think it's the same period as for breach of contract). My opinion on this is that both parties (Axl vs S & D) are not saints in this. The facts are that one party lost rights to
  2. Hmmm... but didn't he actually use the clause after the statute of limitations passed? Which would suggest he was afraid that sth was not right in the process. It's enough that S & D could reasonably prove they were under influence of drugs/alcohol when they signed and they could go to court and as he said "slaughter him". It's just my opinion but I think Axl knew what he wanted, and wanted to get it at all cost, even if the meant going borderline.
  3. Yes, that is interesting. Maybe the dealings were bad to begin with and then got even more sour around the time of that (unconfirmed) soundcheck / rehearsal? The sure thing is, there were talks, and neither party was satisfied. At what point did Izzy pull the plug? Hard to tell.
  4. Yeah, that sounds like the most revealing part. Now I remeber during the before-reunion speculations on this forum, when everyone was talking about the Izzy possiblity, someone posted that Izzy met with (some?) of the big 3 and had only one comment: never again. Judging by Matt's account that might have been some insider info... To me it suggests that there was more than money at the core. This "more" was hidden and covered by Axl & Duff in their interview as Izzy being flaky, and by Izzy with his tweet about money. I think both are just a way to hide the real thing. It could simply be a p
  5. In my country they implemented a rule that each shop (including huge supermarkets) can only have max 3 x cashier number of people at any time. Plus no meetings, not even of 2 people, anywhere. We're not allowed to even go out to do sports, alone. Forests and parks are closed. BUT they made an exception - as much as 50 people can be inside 1 church on Easter Sunday. There's no words for that. So that's why we're locked up now? So that some stupid, religious fuckers can go and spread the disease a week from now???
  6. The question is, whether they test people for covid if they have a positive results for, let's say, flu. I think it's extremely optimistic to assume that there cannot be any co-infections. If your immune system is fighting flu virus and you come into contact with another pathogen (covid for example) you're plrobably more likely to contract that one as well. Here's some results showing that: https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2020/03/covid-19-can-coexist-with-other-respiratory-viruses.html Edit: otherwise, the best way to fight covid would be to infect everyone with the common col
  7. According to that paper it is meant to buy time - time to test everything and anything. From vaccines to combination of antiviral drugs, etc. To increase the production of safety materials (masks, suits, etc.) and equipment. Right now many ideas are tested, e.g. 3d printing of ventilators and face protectors. As long as the health systems are not overwhelmed there is chance to prepare for the next "wave". Once all ICUs are full, and medical personnel gets sick (10% of the fatalities in Italy...) it might be too late. If health systems collapse people would be dying not because of especially se
  8. Hmmm... The scans are actually worse...? They kinda look weird, this is the first question from the photo: https://imgur.com/46xvJRb And here is the scan: https://imgur.com/JXALRyF Even the ciphers in the year seem distorted somehow...? The photo was pretty good, only the page was bent a bit and so some parts were out of focus and turned out blurry. Maybe try taking a separate photo of each page while holding the edges down? https://imgur.com/46xvJR
  9. My Japanese is no good, but with a little help from google I managed to translate the Izzy part The copy is really bad at places so I had to guess at times and some parts I couldn't read at all. I put [...] there - meaning there's some word missing. When I wasn't sure I put comments in []. @Blackstar any chance you have a better copy? What I find interesting in that interview is that you can already see a rift between Izzy and the rest. He seems to be disappointed that they left the street life and turned into celebrities, while he still tried to be the "normal guy" from Sunset Strip
  10. In the analyses I linked earlier there is a different type of estimation - based on the lag between people getting symptoms and going to see a physician. The guy analyzed data from interviews the doctors in Wuhan carried out with those that tested positive, they asked when they had the earliest symptoms. When you plot that data you see that there's this huge lag for all confirmed cases that indicates there are so many more infected at any given point in time. And that's not even accounting for those that don't develop symptoms (and there is data that even 50% of infected don't: https://promark
  11. If you took the time to read it, you would know it does precisely disagree with your point. And if analyzing data on known cases is 'alarmist pap' to you than you're simply in denial. Elsewhere you ask for the facts - in this link you get a proper visualization and analysis of the 'facts', but you conveniently dismiss them, so I guess you are not interested in facts.
  12. It's actually 7 p.m... There was an interview with Izzy where he explicitly said that, can't find it though...
  13. Ugh, no? https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
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