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  1. I always wondered whether the 2006 leaks were done on purpose... Axl did say "you will hear new music this year" and he wasn't wrong
  2. Meaningless. What difference is this to Fortus saying the same thing since 2009? I've said it year after year, we may get a song released one day on a soundtrack but certainly no album before 2023 at the earliest.
  3. My source tells me they're seriously thinking about the best way to start thinking about how to release it.
  4. I want to believe... It's like, can you even imagine the cover? Promo? If it does happen there wont be videos and Axl certainly wouldn't do any promo. I think he'd do sone Twitter rants maybe to promote it I just can't imagine it.
  5. I think a 2010 album leak would be likely if anything else leaks. Always been intrigued by Seven and Thyme
  6. Where was Cuban skies confirmed as a title. Seven and Thyme also i would imagine are finished with vocals in many versions I.e 2006 mix, 2008 mix, 2010 with DJ overdubs haha. Have we got a list handy of confirmed titles leftover from CD2 updated with locker leak tracks.
  7. Pitman is a very good musician and songwriter judging from If The World which was mostly him and Bucket. DJ submitted 12 tracks to Axl but they were rejected I seem to remember. Bumble did the same thing. Fortus too submitted stuff that Axl didn't like.
  8. That's the thing. There's a mix of cd2 with ashba that was probably ready to go in 2010 onwards. A weird thought.
  9. The looking very serious in to what we're doing thing gets me every time. "Everybody wants to but it's a case of looking very seriously..."
  10. We could fast forward at least 2 years still be saying "there's dates coming up next month, they might play something new" and get disappointed that how dare they not play something new or release something when time and time again they've actually been honest. They've never said they're putting anything out or playing new tracks so why do we get dissaponted when they don't? Lemme guess. Theyre seriously thinking about it and everyone's been working hard on what they have.
  11. At least another 3 years of the tour. Maybe new leaks and a new best of.
  12. I've said it before but people plucking time frames out of thin air has led to people disappointed again. He said soon. Firstly, he being Fernando I cant believe anyone even took that as gospel. He's axls cleaners (and managers son ffs) Secondly, the word soon... really? You're falling for that one again?
  13. Think of how many other versions there are after this. A bucket version, a RTB mix, a 2004 mix, a bumble version, a TH version. A Slash version maybe... And probably a god awful Brain remix.
  14. The weird thing is I've always had the feeling Axl just doesn't get asked to do stuff or the offers of interviews just aren't presented to him. When he does them he's usually really good in them. Remember that back stage thing like 1 min long before a show in late 2010 where Dizzy says about having the same birthday as the guy at the hotel desk. Axl looked so cool and relaxed in that. And he was genuinely funny on Kimmels show in 2012 and in the 2016 interviews. I think team Brazil just don't show Axl anything and keep him out of the loop. If someone could find th
  15. Clips of tokyo 92. It's gonna happen. And then we'll all say fuck this band. And then make a thread because Frank's hairdresser says the band have been in the studio. It'll reach 199 pages and bring us nicely up to the 5th anniversary of the NITL tour where a brand new black n f'n white clip will be uploaded to celebrate the tour . The most interesting thing that happened in the last decade after the locker disc leaks was probably Bumblefoot with that wobbly star wars helmet on at rock in Rio. Reunion is top 5.
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