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  1. My expectations for this opening show are as lower as the bleak days of 2013 when the highlight of a show was them playing Used To Love Her, as interesting as it got. The show will be fairly short, axl will have that weird short hair still and a corset on. A photo of the setlist will circulate with alternate songs on it, that they'll never play...
  2. What can they do though. Axl will not do interviews or appear in public so they can't ptomote the tour. He'll never authorise music to be released and signs off crap like pinball machines and toy trucks. All they can fall back on are Instagram pictures with the word "f'n" in.
  3. Be interesting to know more about the crossover with Robin in the band and Duff and Matt still there too. We know pretty much nothing about this
  4. Jesus that song is bad. Is it a demo. Or a teen band mixed at a college?
  5. 2013 might have been the worst year for nu gnr shows. Not a single new song added to the set, show threads on the forum barely making it to 4 pages. Axl looked and sounded awful, even Ashba who, love him or hate him tried at least to get crowds going looked fed up. At least 2014 had the Duff comeback. 2012 had a few streamed shows and some Axl interviews. 2013 was a shockingly poor string of shows.
  6. Makes you sad to think of how cool he looked in 09 and 10, came back with the trucker moustache and the checkered shirts, long hair... Had fire inside him and was angry and the vocals fierce. A gnr show now is a family friendly selection of half hearted performances of hits and covers. Pointless covers. Axl doesn't give a shit.
  7. They won't stop though, they'll carry on touring similar to 2011-14. I'm highly surprised they haven't done a Vegas stint. No music is coming but I'm certain if we're lucky we might get a new 4tus interview at some point and maybe a new heavily edited 10 second clip on insta captioned g 'n f' n r Black n f'n white.
  8. I've always wondered that too. He did say 08 was the worst year of his life and he looked so bloated and different when he returned in 09
  9. Funnily enough, a few years ago when I still made music and my friend had a studio so we could record whenever we wanted I thought about making my own Cd2 going from the titles we knew and trying to make my own guns album. Atlas in my head before the leak actually sounded a little like the real thing weirdly just slower in my head. I had a great idea for Elvis Presley and the Monsters of Soul that would have had lots of thick rhythm guitars with a really fuzzy distorted lead line that was horrible catchy. Like Iron Maiden meets disco and Thyme was gonna be a sort of satanic ballad with bi
  10. I have no problem with Tobias being involved. Song writing wise he contributed a lot to CD and played some cool parts.
  11. Everything is an early version of The General ffs. I thought Millionaire was last time I was on here...
  12. Why is it even called Hard school again. I thought it was called Jackie Chan now.
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