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  1. Says it all that Fortus has been in the band 19 years and the only released material written by him is the chorus for Better
  2. Yeah but they're busy working on a new range of toy tracks and pinball machines I've heard...
  3. I think it did have vocals, afd99. Presumably while he was recording stuff for Live Era where a lot if the songs had new vox.
  4. To be fair, going from the locker leaks version it was a lot heavier before the final mix
  5. 2023 if you follow the 15 year pattern. A date that is worrying likely. Unless as we approach the next half of next year and the endless touring has restarted and it looks like nothing will come out.
  6. I don't think Axl wants to give Pitman any royalties...
  7. I think it's more like to be gnr are 'dropping' a new photo on Instagram. Caption will be "f'n live", photo will be a silhouette of duff looking out to the crowd from a show in 2017. We should be grateful they treat the fans like they do.
  8. Judging from the Better video I'm glad they didn't put out any videos officially. Abysmal. Axl going completely missing as the album came out was the final straw I think, ten years in the making and he does 2 interviews online, comes on the forum and argues with fans and that's it.
  9. The intro killed it. What radio station were gonna play that 1 minute intro
  10. 2008 era cd2 would be interesting. Before Ashba may have added his shitty parts all over it replacing Robin.
  11. Shacklers and Scraped must have been from 2002 onwards. Maybe some of the songs Axl mentioned that they had recently written that were stronger then the previous crop in that 2002 press release.
  12. I agree with all of the above. Yet here we still are. Waiting. Like idiots. We're gluten for punishment
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