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  1. Having listened to the sound check again okay, it's pretty cool and obviously real. But it's still all very weird. I guess it's a repeat of IRS, Better and TWAT leaking causing the band to play them in 2006. Although if they hadn't imagine the outrage, they come back off a 3 year hiatus and play the same set. I'd be happy if a new album was essentially cd2. I think Atlas, HS, General etc will be far more interesting then the and crap Slash and Duff have put out.
  2. I've always been a bit confused about HS being sound checked. Firstly it's the exact same length and portion as the original 'checkmate' leak. Secondly Axl confirmed it was called Jackie Chan in the forum chats so why has it reverted to a name it had almost 20 years ago. Why would it even be considered to be played now, conveniently as it leaked. Do we know the setlist photo is real, and is it possible someone made the clip of them rehearsing it? Since when did Axl rehearse come to think of it. It's just too perfect, stuff leaks and suddenly it's on the set?
  3. While there was hype around the reunion it became apparent very quickly that it was just a continuation of the 2009-14 tour just with a different lineup. Similar with the stance on music. Except we probably would've got an album from the ashba bumble line up by about 2018 or 19 I think.
  4. He probably wasn't too keen on being approached at breakfast or at the pool. But that cones with the price of fame!
  5. Tbf what are we really missing out on. Watching Axl wheeze his way through the same set? Watching Slash on autopilot? Possibly a new ACDC cover to juftify the next chapter tour name?
  6. Fortus has been in the band 20 years and still hasn't seen one song released that he worked on from start to finish.
  7. Getting the thread back on topic, someone mentioned the first tracks made for CD. Omg was written in 97 and some demo work between Paul and Dizzy but the rest was recorded in 98 and finished in 99. Madagascar was the first track started in 98 that made it on the album with Pitman playing that descending chord progression intro. Prostitute, obviously written in 93 was started in 98 along with The Blues, Catcher, Riad, Twat, CD and irs. If the World was mostly composed by Pitman with him playing most of the instruments on the locker disc version. Vocals recorded by Sean so this
  8. No one held a gun to his head and made him perform. He was unhappy from 2011 onwards and carried on because it was a garunteed paycheck
  9. Bumble surely contradicts that when he said they never recorded anything post Cd
  10. I'm guessing early 2002 was the last crop of new backing tracks being recorded. Although we don't really know. Cuban Skies could be one of the many instrumentals. As could Seven. Although Scrapped has to be in there somewhere at some point. And the new Shacklers.
  11. Also in 2006 Axl said they were working on 32 songs. 26 of which were almost complete. Anyone wanna attempt making a list of what these might be?
  12. We know Better was formed in 2002. Scrapped was probably written in early 2002, the backing track and vocals worked on in 2006. He mentioned recording vocals Christmas eve for Soul Monster, I'm guessing 2003. Deffinately wouldn't be 2002 as the band packed up after the tour. We really know very little about Thyme and Seven. Thyme is on the locker discs but seems to be just a melody at that point before being turned in to a full blown song. It's also part of PRL seemingly? Didn't brain say Seven was his favorite outtake. What do we know about The General? Not on the
  13. Yeah I swear Axl in the forum chat in 2008 said Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul (formally leave me alone) didn't he?
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