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  1. I wonder how many threads about the general there has been over the years.
  2. None. Well, I'm sure there are but none circulating currently. God knows what quality his hair was in after taking out the braids after 6 years
  3. I can't remember where the 2005 pic is from but I have seen it on here a few times.
  4. There is a 2005 pic of hi next to a flash looking car. Braids are dien like 2002 but he has a beard. Looks actually quite cool.
  5. Pele is like watching a full mental collapse happening in slow motion. I can imagine him sat at home smearing the number 99 on a mirror in lipstick.
  6. Prince will never be topped for his show. Mj set the standard but Prince took it higher.
  7. i always thought the omg leak was all bumble in one channel, from his early recording sessions how he sent tracks over with his parts on. same as going down and silkworms? where's this bucket thing come from? its not unreasonable to think if End of Days hadnt happened omg would be just an instrumental on the village disks!
  8. its pathetic really, just when you think they're doing something relatively normal, like a normal band should, they slip back in to classic gnr territory. the toy trucks didnt take 9 months to be made and sent after order!
  9. exactly. He's a knob. Also missed out the General He's actually obsessed, its really quite sad.
  10. Yes but Coldplay are the industry faves. They get played on the wireless and get invited on shows. Tbh The Guns are fighting an uphill battle. I have tried requesting Hard skool I'm the in UK and a lot of stations just refuse to play it, refuse to acknowledge it etc. There is only one person I enjoyed seeing on late night shows and that was Prince. But obviously you had a level of professionalism and musicianship.
  11. i think he knew it wasnt great vocally, the stuff he said after like "well, that was something, exactly what i dont know..."
  12. That would make the recording session after the last confirmed recording dates prior to the album being released. Which were very early 07 I think. We dont really have information about any recording over 07, in December i believe Beta said it was done and they'd stopped recording and itd been handed over to the label.
  13. Lots was done between 2003 and 5. Scrapped, better, Shacklers, multiple recording involving Tommy and Brain. Orchestra sessions, further work on other tracks including the General, going down, soul monster etc. I wouldn't say this amounts to nothing.
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