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  1. A well known Brazilian Promoter (Flesch) tweeted (is that a word?) some info. Brazil and Argentina are having a really hard time facing covid so it won’t be long til it’s cancelled.
  2. South America is about to be cancelled. Not even postponed, cancelled
  3. No fue sold out pero si había muchísima gente. Me animaría a decir más que en 2017
  4. El show de Ferro fue un papelon. Regalaron entradas por todos lados, y había hasta groupones de 2x1 Argentina 2014 had very poor sales, on the weeks prior to the show Almost every radio station was giving tickets away. Not even duff could save those sales. But the 2010 show was sold out and 2011 (same venue they played in 2017) was at least 80% sold
  5. For me, one part says ‘you could ???? For the answers you were begging for’ then, the next line makes more sense ‘so talk to the ones that you once ignored’
  6. Myles is a great singer but he’s been taking care a lot of his voice in the SMKC shows, maybe saving it for recording with Alter Bridge. He’s avoiding lots of high notes and singing them in a lower register
  7. I don’t Mind axls voice with this audio and video quality. good footage work
  8. That’s his sweet child jacket right? Maybe we’ll se SCOM
  9. Yeah! I’ve met BBF too and he was very nice. He came to Argentina to give a master class and then he played a show. It was nice to hear the Catcher solo
  10. Ashba is a nice guy. Met him at a sixx am concert and he was nice to the fans. Funny thing that the first person in the line for the m&g and the concert was that Asian lady who follows GNR everywhere. She was nice too
  11. Maybe it was a pilot test. I mean, it got mostly positive feedback, only real criticism (besides the lack of Axl) was the sound. If the delay means they’re working on giving us better audio, I accept it
  12. DJ is a nice guy. Met him at a sixx am concert and he was nice to the fans. At the end of the day that’s what really counts right? Being nice and humble the funny thing is sixx am wasn’t even meant to be a band and they released more albums in 13 years than GNR in their whole history
  13. Agree 100%. Plus he was in a great mood and cracking jokes
  14. I’ve read somewhere that next songs are Brownstone Jungle and Better
  15. They posted some random pictures on Instagram, mainly from South American shows. Maybe the next videos are from South America? I was in all of the Argentina shows (2016 and 2017). River plate first night would be great, Axl was in post acdc mode (weaker than NA leg) but the energy was great.
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