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  1. Time to start letting foreign born residents run for President. Immigrants really are the best we have to offer.
  2. Well, he wouldn't condemn white supremacy. I am sure that will appeal to some of them.
  3. I think Trump is doing a better job destroying himself. You can't reason with this guy. He's a fucking idiot.
  4. We are going to need more seats anyway. The Supreme Court should not be partisan.
  5. With enough votes in the Senate, Barrett is all but confirmed to be RBG's replacement. Always felt Mitt Romney was a weasel. I tried to give him in the benefit of the doubt but he is just another cuck.
  6. Well, you're not wrong. It has always bothered me when Batman takes off his mask his eye makeup disappears.
  7. People said the same for Keaton and Affleck. Having watched some of his recent movies, I realize he is much better for the role than his contenders Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Armie Hammer.
  8. What I want to know is how will they continue Black Panther?
  9. Take your pick. One of them he became a drug addict.
  10. I will tell you one thing, really digging the Batsuit and it is rumored that there will be another suit. Also Pattison trained with the same guy who trained Keanu for John Wick.
  11. It is way different. They were supposed to capture Batman, but Batman has never once waltz into a crime scene going "sup?". It will be a lot more emphasis on Batman being a brilliant detective, the way Bill Finger has written him. I know most people reference Nolan as the definitive Batman but to me, Kevin Conroy from the animated series was the best Batman by far. None of the actors from the films can hold a candle to him. If Pattinson comes any closer he will be the best live action Batman since Adam West.
  12. I think it is good thing there is a nice break between Phases Three and Four. As someone stated earlier Phase 4 will have a bunch of heroes we never heard of but Marvel Studios have proven that they are really good at selling that. Few people have heard of Guardians of the Galaxy and now they are all household names. Even back in the 2000's no one thought Iron Man would make a good movie. Phase 4 will begin with saying goodbye to Scarlett's Black Widow and introducing Florence Pugh as the new Black Widow. We will get Spider-Man and Thor who are popular entries.
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