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  1. Biden wastes no time cleaning up Trump's mess. Great day for America.
  2. Anyone know when the last time a wealthy person was executed in the US?
  3. To whoever said God will intervene on behaf of Trump.
  4. All it today for this whiny little bitch to concede is for his own party considering his removal. One side never attempted an actual revolt though. LIke what happened yesterday though limp dicked was an attempt to stop Congress from certifying Biden's win.
  5. Remember when people said HRC had blood on her hands? Trump has been racking up that body count in the last four years. This woman is just the latest addition.
  6. I think up until now he was their best chance of winning in 2024 but aside his cult of racists I don't think that will be the case.
  7. They need to do what they can to save the Republican Party.
  8. Invoke the 25th Amendment. Let Pence handle the transition of power.
  9. I bet this person was shot by ANTIFA dressed as a cop
  10. I hope security will be better on January 20th.
  11. Because they are white. How harmless can they be?
  12. The British from War of 1812 would like to say hello
  13. So much for all that talk about "The violent Left" these cry babies are literally climbing the walls. If this was BLM there would have been some body bags.
  14. It is funny because I mention this somewhere else and they are like "Well, it is because voters are more likely to vote for a man than a woman" Yeah, probably one reason Warnock has won but black voters will favor a black guy over a Jew any day.
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