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  1. The Catholic Church have been shielding pedophiles for generation yet deny Biden communion. Pope Francis is against this move but American bishops don't care what he thinks. I am sure they love fellow pedophile Donald Trump.
  2. Republicucks really did not want the Jan 6 Commission to pass. Don't want to upset their feudal overlord.
  3. Hey guys, not sure if this has been posted but is there any word of Use Your Illusion being remastered for 30 year anniversary? Appetite's Remasters sound amazing and I was hoping they do the same for UYI.
  4. It is political suicide to turn on Israel. Most Americans support Israel.
  5. That movie sucked. I hope they make more. I would totally watch another one.
  6. So glad a cop got convicted for murder. Now, what about all the other cops who murder at the drop of a dime?
  7. US Conservatives would say if you give money to blacks they won't work.
  8. Any Q-Anon members here? I wonder how they are coping?
  9. Biden wastes no time cleaning up Trump's mess. Great day for America.
  10. Anyone know when the last time a wealthy person was executed in the US?
  11. To whoever said God will intervene on behaf of Trump.
  12. Matt Reeves seems to know what he is doing but the mulitverse thing with Spider-Man makes me nervous. It has worked before in animation but this could go either way.
  13. Lazenby bullshit his way to play 007 and that is why he is 007 On Her Majesty's Secret Service is still my favorite Bond film.
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