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  1. As much as it sucks to see his Bond die, it is a proper death for him. If Bond were to choose his death it would be at the hand of the Royal Navy.
  2. Well, I hope it was worth it for the unvax person to get sick. I really do. Because now someone is mostly dead because of that person. And since it is likely there's no afterlife that unvax person will have no consequences but to simply not exist like the rest of us.
  3. So if an expert recommends you to get vaccinated, then what?
  4. Biden is more coherent than Trump could ever be despite being older.
  5. I thought of something earlier. People give Biden shit for being old. But most of our government is run by senior citizens. Moscow Mitch is the same age as Biden, Pelosi is in her 80s. Schumer is only 70. People question Biden's cognitive abilities but never the others.
  6. DC on a whole may be a joke, but it is strange how days after The Batman's trailer drops Disney pushed back Doctor Strange and subsequently all their release dates 3 months
  7. And Shazam will be fine on its own. The animation teams are the only one who seem to give a shit about DC's other characters.
  8. Craig left the series on a high. It was well done but man did it leave me feeling gutted
  9. That ship has sailed. Snyder is doing his zombie projects and Hamada is going in a different direction.
  10. Finally a Batman movie that looks like a comic book. I loved the Nolan films until the day I die but as a Batman comics fan, this is my dream. Rob is going to be great, based on other movies he was in when he wasn't a sparkling twat, he has it in him to play Batman. I've always felt the best Batman actor can play Batman and The Joker. Michael Keaton could pull it off. Pattinson has the crazy in him to be Joker and Batman, Just glad it is Batman Agreed. Those movies can't afford to suck. It does seem like a lot of love and care is going into them. The Rock has been wanting to make Black Adam for years. I have no doubt that will be good, but The Flash is what concerns me because it is a make it or break it film. If that fails, DCEU is toast.
  11. New trailer out Saturday!
  12. For all five DC fans across the multiverse. It is held on Saturday October 16th streaming 10am EST New trailer for The Batman Teasers for The Flash, Black Adam BTS of Shazam 2 and Aquaman 2 Panels of cast and crew of these films. Maybe some concept art for upcoming Batgirl, Black Cananary, Zatanna, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League Dark, Supergirl, ect.
  13. Some older ones that are great. Stagecoach, Ox-Bow Incident, Red River, My Darling Clementine. Red River is probably my favorite of the John Wayne era. This was the film that proved that Wayne could act and not just be John Wayne all the time. He played a more villainous role and even has an alternate ending where things were more bleak
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