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  1. Imagine a slim older long hair Axl with 2006 voice, full reunion with Stradlin and Adler, brand new album with brand new written songs... People will still complain
  2. I watched Hard Skool live on YouTube and i must say its very good for the first time playing. We know that Axl is pure Micky Mouse but his performance was okay. The timing is good and he nailed the timing of the screams. Shadow Of Your Love was way out of rhythm when Axl sang it but this Hard Skool was okay. I love his Aay Aay during Slash solo Maybe he will getting better and better singing Hard Skool
  3. There are two published songs by 2 other bands. Asphalt Ballet and WildSide. I prefer Crash Diet by WildSide
  4. How high is the chance that You're Crazy (live) and Don't Cry (live) are part of a upcoming Live Album (like Live Era) ? The KOHD single from 1992 had KOHD live version from Live Era on B side
  5. ABSURD reminds me of "It Tastes Good, Don't It" the version they played live in 1988.
  6. In my opinion i did a mistake by listen the village leak too often. The vocals of the final release sounds like clued together. Doesn't sound like fresh out of the studio like other new records from other bands.
  7. This concert should start with Pretty Tied Up and should end with My World with Axl in a boxing attire to celebrate the UYI records
  8. "I remember this place" - Axl Rose, 2017 live at the Munich Olympic Stadium
  9. In my memory in 2010 or 2011 "Estranged" was requested several times, because Bumblefoot played a little bit "Estranged" in his Pink Panther Guitar Solo and there was a online video or leak where Bumblefoot actualy played Estranged before Rock In Rio 2011. I read alot of post that people wished Estranged. Estranged got positive critics for the performance at Rock In Rio 2011, yea that gig still sucks but Estranged at Rock In Rio 2011 was magical That's my memory
  10. Imagine this was the night for fuckin' HArd $ko0L playing live
  11. PA was shutted down. But not the soundboard. That's my thinking
  12. Axl Rose sounds like 1995 at the end of Paradise City. Amazing
  13. imagine some blu ray dics of all this classic gigs. I would sell my kidney and some liver parts
  14. i hope they play Welcome To The Jungle and Every Rose Has His Thorn
  15. Classic GN'R is Original Star Wars - legendary 2001 - 2014 is Prequels Star Wars - new and to much effects NITL GN'R is Sequels Star Wars - nostalgia cash grab
  16. I hope they play Atlas Shrugged and Shotgun Blues
  17. They played Madagascar in Leipzig, Germany. Great song and it's great to witness it live.
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