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  1. 1 more year he would have gotten a letter from The Mrs
  2. Do we get a day off? That's all I care about.
  3. £100 says they don’t in the next 5 years too
  4. Bloody hell its hot me nuts are stuck to the sofa
  5. Most of then are " Care Workers "
  6. Went on the NHS website told them i was a care worker they don’t background check. had Astrazeneca everyone I know who had had it has been feeling rough for a few days after.
  7. Had my jab yesterday feel like fresh shit today
  8. Managed to get hold of 3 PS5’s during the recent drops making a tasty profit on eBay. iI don’t get why people get angry with it I gotta make a living too not like i’m shotting crack.
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