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  1. Wonder how the weather is in Texas today
  2. Had 5 shits today I reckon thats a record
  3. Think my farts could help North Korea reach the dream of nukes
  4. Danger to society put her down like the animal she is.
  5. Aldi was like a warzone this afternoon
  6. For me personally? An insight into the rawness of production and Buckethead wearing an alternative mask is kinda cool
  7. I have actually had a pretty decent run for the last few months. Did have to turn around the other day and run back home. Remember always carry a bag of wet wipes!
  8. I hate to think how long it took you to put that together. Also your sort of implying that Len is like Christ mind you after reading many of his posts I have shouted the words Jesus Christ. Gracii please stop following me home its getting awkward.
  9. The versions we have heard are possibly VERY early versions so they may have changed a lot since then. Silkworms for example has changed into almost a whole new song over they years.
  10. I'm confident on it being Mace loved this season.
  11. 1997/98 I think would have to ask again.
  12. A friend of my family is a musician who is very close friends with Fortus once auditioned for the band was offerd the job but actually turned it down for family reasons but stayed closed to the band and crew. But following on they have snagged me free tickets and backstage passes he is the dude who got me into GNR.
  13. No wouldn't have been us we are London lads i would have been 14. we got backstage as we know people close to guns Inner circle so to speak got to say Hi to Axl and shook his hand that night. the 2006 show where Axl walked off during night train and Bach ran on with a load of midgits was strange they had done a show in Scotland the night before and Axl arrived in a helicopter borrowed from Michael Owen. one of the sound engineers told us Axl left during nighttrain as he had a major hangover and had to go puke lol!
  14. Not many to be honest I was really young my Uncle took me I remember having tickets for 2 nights didn't one get cancelled? i remember Rhiad being played and Buckethead throwing a tub of celebrations out to the crowd.
  15. Met the whole band on a number of London visits 2002 London Docklands 2006 Wembly Stadium 2010 The o2 spend most the time with Fortus and Bumblefoot I don't think anyone ever saw Buckethead think he would leave straight after the show. Bumblefoot was the most down to earth guy
  16. At that club in Camden? The Cuckoo or something I think it was called .. If so I was there.
  17. The General Cuban Skies Going Down Perhaps Nothing Monstrosity Quick Song 4 Heavens Eye On You Daddy can the devil so mommy and me? Soul Monster
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