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  1. Think I Cursed it had a bit of a close call this morning on my way in. Thankfully I drove today as I was feeling lazy so sitting on it held things in place but fuck me I have never unlocked the office so quickly. Punched in that alarm code like some sort of code breaker.
  2. It's a move I have been looking at for sime time. IPTV for the footy Netflix and torrents for anything else
  3. Wouldn't get my hopes up on either of those if i'm totally honest.
  4. Depends on circumstances It's happened to me a few times You gotta look at consistency amounts ect. On few occasions its small and liquid like you can get away with dry wipe the shit away in a local toilet and then spraying the undies down with a mixture of soap and febreeze. If its solid you can normally grab that fucker and throw it down a bog or a bush however this is the unicorn of shart situations its never solid. If all else fails you gotta hope it hasn't seeped into the trousers and just chuck the undies away and go comomando.
  5. Love edibles when i'm taking drugs I want to see the devil
  6. Would struggle with 10 now days. Might be a funny sight fat little bald fella sweating like a pedo in a playground carrying a PC Box up some stairs.
  7. This movie being delayed is possibly the worst of all the current Covid 19 outcomes
  8. Man I am so unfit. Just went downstairs to take in delivery from work struggling to breath running up and down 14 steps.
  9. Anyone heard from @wasted hope He is doing OK
  10. Just for the record I want to say I found last nights donner meat and chips essential
  11. Don't see the issue been ordering a load of stuff from Amazon recently now that I have Prime. Most stuff still arrives at work the next day some stuff is delayed up to 5 days if it's non essential ( all of it has been ) You just gotta expect a few delays however Amazon have said there going to take on more staff to increase the delivery times good on em.
  12. Faily Mail just wanted to get my input on that. good day
  13. Some cunt is out there sat on a fucking gold mine probably don't even know about it.
  14. Joe Rogan The Church of What's Happening Now True Geordie Stretford Paddock Adam Mckola
  15. The Daisy and Soul show is back! *Grabs Popcorn*
  16. Find it strange how people reacted like this. Most Chinese takeaways around me are shut. Yet the Italian restaurants are all running as normal and full of customers i'm sure.
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