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  1. Andy Murray what a comeback from 2 sets down 4 hours on court!
  2. Thankfully I bottled it and cashed out just before the Liverpool goal so doubled my money.
  3. Stuck £50 on Arsenal this is going to a stroke of pure genius or stupidity
  4. The Harry Enfield Gays sketch is a classic
  5. Knowing me knowing you if that is what it was called?
  6. Love that film wasn't a big fan of the show but the film is ace
  7. Cuban Skies was mentioned firstly I recall by MSL. its apparently a song about cigars.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53860014
  9. Fuck being a mod any form of authority is a no no for me. i don't wanna be part of the establishment.
  10. Correction on yesterday your a fat old cunt Young cunt!
  11. Hate to burst anyones bubble but unless we have a vaccine by then I can't see concerts happening.
  12. Who is going to make a fantasy team for this season?
  13. Also Williams just in't there yet. Good yung player a lot of potential but needs more time in the under 23s or out on loan.
  14. I have a feeling we won't get Sancho typical Glazers/Woodward being stingy and Dortmund being stubborn on there fee.
  15. Any see that handbags at dawn between Fernandes and Lindeloff? Lindeloff is such a shit CB he can fuck off TBH replace him and keep Bailey as a back up!
  16. i'm going to respond with a witty come back .. Just a soon as I finish this double cheese burger.
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