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  1. I only drive in if the Wife hasn't got a school run so its rare. She has been away and I have been walking in as it is the only excersize I get i'm guessing being cold weather and it not being used in 2 weeks this fucked the battery up. On that note I walked in today and things got VERY close. Was considering a bush n push but luckily I managed to make it with a run and a wish.
  2. Car Battery was fucked £115 to replace 5 year warranty so not too bad. Could of been worse could have caused a breakdown.
  3. She is just a lairy slag want to see someone shut her up by shoving a huge black cock in her mouth Car battery has died fucking great gotta jump start it now hoping me old man had jumper cables if not fuck knows what the RAC will charge.
  4. Still one of your best players and your paying him a shed load might aswell play the cnt.
  5. Is he still dropping Ozil? Can't get me head around madness
  6. I haven't seen the game might watch the highlights tonight. Saw you went a goal down after 30 mins I know you where away from home but 60 mins should be enough time to put something together? Arsenal and United are similar in that sense as soon as we concede are heads go down.
  7. So he enjoys wasting money on shows he will not have a hope in hell of getting into?
  8. Worst thing about this racism lark is the FA don't seem to care
  9. Doesn't help that it has rained for a week straight. Dark leaving the house dark heading home
  10. Client meeting Monday get to use the company credit card for the first time then off to Scotland on bussines Tuesday for 2 days
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