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  1. Met the whole band on a number of London visits 2002 London Docklands 2006 Wembly Stadium 2010 The o2 spend most the time with Fortus and Bumblefoot I don't think anyone ever saw Buckethead think he would leave straight after the show. Bumblefoot was the most down to earth guy
  2. At that club in Camden? The Cuckoo or something I think it was called .. If so I was there.
  3. The General Cuban Skies Going Down Perhaps Nothing Monstrosity Quick Song 4 Heavens Eye On You Daddy can the devil so mommy and me? Soul Monster
  4. 1 year to go until we are let down by the lack of live hard school
  5. I think a lot of it has to do with nostalgia. You get older and it feels like things just ain't as good as they used to be.
  6. I'm pretty handy at curling one out but I assume I can't go to the olympics on this skill?
  7. Wakes up around 7 gets out of bed around nine. doesn't worry about a new album cos that is a waste of his fuckin' time.
  8. The state of our fan base. the bloke ain't fit for the job you gotta remove the love from him as a player he is clueless tactically. I would love him as a DOF and to bring in Alegri
  9. I will still be working but the plan is that it will last me until the new year as the dealers won't be about.
  10. Lockdown starts tomorrow so got 2 Ounces of Northern Lights in.
  11. Next time im in Manchester we will have a few beers the you can see whilst fat i'm still a light weight
  12. I'm off to the local spoons to get shit faced on a tenner.
  13. I had an infectious groove once wasn't as entertaining as a podcast mind you.
  14. OMG has been rehearsed so many times in previous years but was never played.
  15. Yeah thinking of fucking Sky and BT off and streaming everything
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