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  1. Yeah I accepted your invite this morning. Twat!
  2. There are some thick fuckers in the insurance game!!! Claims that are blatently fraud but the insurers is so shit scared of an ombudsmen complaint they bail out! Me on the other hand keep a stern pokerface you want to make a complaint fine see you in court.
  3. Tyson VS Jones JR September 12
  4. Possibly the ball is in Hearn's court really and he will go with whoever throws the most money at him. They might do something where certain fighters fight on Sky others on DAZN? Can't argue for a fiver. They are also going in for premiere league rights next time they go to auction. We have a contract with DAZN at work to fix there tech gear got chatting to a bloke there pretty high up who spilled a lot of beans.
  5. Mainly going to be USA fights. Matchroom's deal with Sky ends Next year from what I understand and it's highly likely Big Josh will move to DAZN next year.
  6. Update from the DAZN Beta. They are looking to launch around September time and will be £4.99 a month. They will be doing an annualy sub for around £49.99
  7. They are grim! pie and mash is banging however
  8. Was leaving a voicemail for someone at work when I read this . Burst out with Laughter mid message and had to re record it.
  9. So is Tyson defenitly coming back ? Madness if he is
  10. Typical England We go ahead early on lose focus and end up sliding away
  11. Maybe the virus is having a day off on the 24th?
  12. UK Goverment juat announced face masks are compulsary in shops from 24th
  13. Dunno where he gets all the hair from
  14. The kids a good looking lad i'm a fucking chunker!
  15. Dunno how to do all this postingi mages to the forum lark. But it if works here is me and the kid in my new motor https://ibb.co/xJ32FCs
  16. You lot are brave Would never show you the filth I search for during office hours!
  17. My flights to Bankgkok for August have been cancelled No holiday until 2021 for me.
  18. I'm just pissed the price for PPV has become £25 as standard now.
  19. Hearn can fuck off if he thinks i'm paying £25 for Whyte Povetkin Will be streaming this one.
  20. Looking forward to Thursday it has been a long time scince I have been confident in my team
  21. Get to download the app early and test it for buggs ect.
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