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  1. I dunno i'm pretty sure he has done this a few times this season pre lockdown.
  2. But I call @Len Cnut and @Dazey fat cunts all the time ..
  3. Why the fuck does Ole insist on waiting until the 85th minute to make subs? Whats the fucking point? As soon as they scored he should have thrown on James and Ighalo.
  4. Dunno what is worse the fact that this guy was once in Guns N Roses or the fact that he probably gets more pussy than Axl ..
  5. We have statiscally speaking the best front 3 in the Prem right now ... Not that stats mean anything. This is a marathon not a sprint of a project but I can see we are heading in the right direction.
  6. I would go Jayden Sancho Van De Beek And Upamecano
  7. If you could sign 3 realistic players right now who do you go for?
  8. New music. I have no need to read the rumblings of a mad man.
  9. He is a great player just not sure he is the player you need.
  10. Take a creep shot for the lads.
  11. Spitting image is coming back on Britbox great little service for £5.99 a month. all the only fools on it!
  12. I smell rotten eggs .. had Taco's for dinner had them farts that linger for hours and smell like a spanish sewer
  13. Is that what happend to them the old Japs brought them out? My Uncle recommended them to me back in the day. I tend to use shopto.net now days.
  14. Was living in the east end of London ... Orderd it via Play.com spent hours reading the little booklet. Personally one of my favourite albums of Guns but my mates at the time never seemed fussed with it.
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