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  1. Gone and brought myself some airpods I guess i'm a hipster now
  2. Watching only fools man I love this shit
  3. Carefull they might mistake you for a mexican and make you work on a construction site. heard there building some sort of wall at the min.
  4. Be prepared to be let down by this band on a daily basis. I have had to suffer for 20 odd years.
  5. Majority will be taken by Sky AKA Sly and BT think Amazon are hosting a few too. Amazons coverage over the winter period was pretty good to be fair.
  6. Yep and ALL games are on Telly BBC are getting a few games.
  7. The General has always been the Unicorn for me I can only die happy once I have heard it
  8. Same here. @Finck2006 Can you share some info? Where did you hear it how did you get involved in the after show party?
  9. Thailand to re open it's boarder for international tourists on July 1st
  10. He won't be fighting Fury no chance. Fury has apparently said today it's happening but he talks bollocks a lot of the time. He said before Wilder 2 that he has spoken to Conner Mcgregor who later turned around and said they had never met.
  11. You ever managed to place remix TIL vocals over the original?
  12. Evader is the man the stuff he can do with audio is just magical. An integral part of the community.
  13. 4th of July apparently the pubs re open. Going to be madness that first weekend.
  14. Poof. Now lets all have a group cuddle?
  15. He was always pissed. Bloke was living the dream. I hope he hits fuck it and leaks CD2 some day
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