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  1. He was always pissed. Bloke was living the dream. I hope he hits fuck it and leaks CD2 some day
  2. Was sat trying to work that out for ages I was certain it stood for To Claim Booty I'm so turned on right now
  3. Still find it weird they played it at after show party events but never released the song. Neither do they appear to have any intention too.
  4. Don't think anyone could have done any better given the circumstances. How was it hearing the song for real?
  5. Today tomorrow forever apparently its fake but I think its a kick ass title
  6. Do they still do it in glass bottles? that was the shit
  7. The pub needs to hurry up and re open
  8. I had the old swine flu back in the day that was fucking grim
  9. Looks like I might have to make the call soon and cancel my flights to Thailand in August.
  10. Happy Birthday I hope someone got you better video editing software
  11. Maybe he can't anymore and that,s the problem? I can't imagine anyone walking into a barbers and requesting that look. Yeah so I want it kinda short kinda long and fully WTF.
  12. Think people are a big pissed off with half arsed efforts. Bit like me Dad painting that fuckin' garden fence Mums been at him for years about it when he finally does it it's all half arsed and passionless.
  13. Typical Scouse cunt got loads of cash still shops in Sainsburys ain't you got a waitrose?
  14. Metallica now there is a band who knows how to treat its fan base.
  15. Yeah its become pretty clear recently these lot are purely interested in commercial benefit only.
  16. I don't think its so much that it is top secret. More like there is fuck all going on.
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