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  1. Are you sure you ain't a shirt lifter?
  2. LOL!! Funny cunt! I'm not fat i'm just round in shape
  3. I have Asthma think the Tight Chest thing would freak me out and cause me to panic making the situation worse.
  4. Glad your better What was it like?
  5. But honestly what did he expect? You are essentially having to pine on the good will of many others i anything recent events teach us there is no good will left in the world and people are cunts.
  6. Very naive of him to think he could do a Q And A on the internet and someone not record it really.
  7. Yeah I feel like there at the point now where even new music wouldn't re gain my intrest. After that whole children's book and line of Cheese at Aldi
  8. Can you remove my warning points now then? Joking all the best mate!
  9. Well if Baby Spice doesn't know we are all fucked
  10. So Tyson is coming out of retirement to fight Holyfield in an exhibition for Charity.
  11. Gotta do it properly and watch it on VHS
  12. Dude has always struck me as a bit strange. I have met him backstage and before a few shows prior to the 2016 reunion back in the Bucket and Bumble days this is. He was a bit of a show off telling everyone his position in life like we gave a fuck
  13. Doubt it very much, But it does make sense all they gotta do is come out and just tell us new music is in the works and I think that will be all people want to hear....
  14. Really? Seriously like really??? This band is a fucking joke!
  15. Fit just a proper headcase Another girls I went to school with Terri Shepard is now a scat porn star Google " Louise Hunter Porn" ... if you dare.
  16. I'm from Aylesbury went to school with her she is a well known wiredo
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