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  1. When it comes to tea its Yorkshire or nothing.
  2. Gazza is back on the piss then no surprises there.
  3. Pretty sure it all just sits in a vault. Michael Jackson's tours where all Pro shot like every single show he would watch them back to perfect his next performance.
  4. Very true. Some clever soul must have been able to copy and past those vocals to the original version surely?
  5. Always found the idea of scoping up and down the road looking for something that's been twatted by a Jeep to eat a bit strange.
  6. When its cut up and buried in noodles I don't think you notice so much Thankfully this was late afternoon and I was OK Normally the bowel movements as terrible as they are tend to only be an issue between 6 - 11AM However the first day of every Thai trip is always a bit touch and go think the change in climate just fucks me up.
  7. Never tried it but Crocodile is pretty cool had that on skewers last summer in Chang Mai
  8. I have spent a lot of time in Asia witnessed these markets first hand. The wife ate dog as a kid unkowingly as it was the only meat they could afford. Personally i have no issue with it what is seen as a pet to one nation is food to another. If the virus was a direct implication of this im suprised as the Chinese have been eating bat for Years.
  9. The ones with lyrics are fantastic IMO. I also like that piano based one without lyrics.
  10. Does that not get a bit depressing? I'm sure you get used to it after a while I guess.
  11. Is it ever not covered in snow there?
  12. It's a disability I swear. Going to go down the job center see if I can claim on it.
  13. Read online its shot up past 800 odd today?
  14. Oh what a shame i'm sure Mr.Branson can wipe his eyes with a fresh £50 note.
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