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  1. Managed to get hold of 3 PS5’s during the recent drops making a tasty profit on eBay. iI don’t get why people get angry with it I gotta make a living too not like i’m shotting crack.
  2. I just put £250 into Doge yesterday but i'm in it for the long haul ... If it gets to $1 a coint I would be looking at about 3.5K
  3. @Len Cnut Remember ages ago we was talking about the Roy Keane MUTV interivew. I THINK this is it https://youtu.be/r_StWWzWaxo
  4. DJ kissed arse thats what landed him the gig
  5. Wonder how the weather is in Texas today
  6. Had 5 shits today I reckon thats a record
  7. Think my farts could help North Korea reach the dream of nukes
  8. Danger to society put her down like the animal she is.
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