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  1. QR codes clever stuff now days I haven't been to a gig for 13 years times have changed
  2. Stupid question where do you buy tickets on the day of the event would you take a chance at the box office?
  3. Axl is a proper dirty old man Always inviting a young girl backstage ain't he?
  4. Most likely I can't see Axl being active in 5 years time
  5. I can semi confirm this however they fed me dick cheese not moon cheese
  6. Aww poor millionare crying herself to sleep in a malibu mansion cos the girl on the internet said mean things
  7. The sofa I sometimes comes out to feed on scraps cookie crumbs and broken dreams
  8. There is something about that numbing sensation i just love
  9. Metallica are so good to fans wish Guns could be as giving.
  10. I don't smoke it only eat it cos I'm fat
  11. Might all the council tell them its going off detecting carbon monoxide get them to kick his door down
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