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  1. Axl is a proper dirty old man Always inviting a young girl backstage ain't he?
  2. Most likely I can't see Axl being active in 5 years time
  3. I can semi confirm this however they fed me dick cheese not moon cheese
  4. Aww poor millionare crying herself to sleep in a malibu mansion cos the girl on the internet said mean things
  5. The sofa I sometimes comes out to feed on scraps cookie crumbs and broken dreams
  6. There is something about that numbing sensation i just love
  7. Metallica are so good to fans wish Guns could be as giving.
  8. I don't smoke it only eat it cos I'm fat
  9. Might all the council tell them its going off detecting carbon monoxide get them to kick his door down
  10. Yeah I just read the post Food is better in London got a few good Korean BBQ places i recommend
  11. Weed and food whats not to love?
  12. You are WAY to worried have a cup of tea an edible brownie and chill
  13. The flat above mines carbon monoxide detector is running low on battery and keeps chirping. Dude is away on holiday for a few weeks so you can hear it in my toilet living room and bedroom. Driving me mental
  14. Well done TB only took what 10 years to finally work out you should interact with fans? Give me hard skool and take my money
  15. I'm happy with it... Wow I'm happy with GNR never imagined i would say that
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