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Status Updates posted by lukepowell1988

  1. The thought of a new Guns album makes me wetter than a spastics chin

  2. While you have been gone I have been shit posting in your honor 

  3. Big up the MJ Avatar!

  4. Has a lovely bunch of coconuts 

  5. Forgot to bring my ice coffee to work this morning well that's my day ruined 

  6. I see turd in the water

    1. Słash


      Turd in the water, A fart in the sky.

  7. Fun times in the office

  8. This is a sound check

    1. Mr. Dude

      Mr. Dude

      no, actually this is a status update

    2. lukepowell1988


      thanks for clearing that one up I was worried

  9. Chicken Nachos how I love you

  10. Hong Kong Bound

    1. bran


      be careful and have fun

    2. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Yeah, safe journey pal, have a good one :)

  11. fucking hell mate you are from Canada aint ya?? lol good to hear your voice my friend

  12. thanks for having me on did not have much to say just pissed off that a band with so much potential and so much apparent un heard material is doing the " vegas run " so early on giving that they have 2 more albums in them

  13. i loved it .. don't think my laptop liked it .. kinda spat beer all over it in hysterics

  14. i can no longer hide it i have a man crush on you you funny mother fucker

  15. are you planning to show us the whole vma rehearsals


  16. HAHAH!! thanks for the advice bro!

  17. hope to see you guys in the uk this year

  18. hey axl good to see you on the forums!

  19. just wanted to say hi as i am a new member of the forum and that i hope to talk too you soon

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