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  1. 17 minutes ago, Stay.Of.Execution said:

    She said it to someone else saying that margott was vicious or something and always trying to stirr shit Up. Can't remember what made her say it

    Aww poor millionare crying herself to sleep in a malibu mansion cos the girl on the internet said mean things

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  2. 2 hours ago, mystery said:

    A lot of bands have archival content that's unreleased and that I hope sees the light of day. Metallica was cool enough to release some old concert footage last year on YouTube. If Guns n Roses embraced their history they would make it a think to release a video from the UYI tour periodically on YouTube to commemorate UYI's 30th anniversary.  They released a live version of Used to Love Her from 1993  recently that was really cool.

    Metallica are so good to fans wish Guns could be as giving. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Dazey said:

    I was always more of a fan of pills, powders and booze personally. Weed always fucked me up. Don’t do much of any these days other than the odd gram of coke on a special occasion and a few pints. 

    I do love a good line

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  4. Just now, Dazey said:

    Can’t stand weed but I’m gonna be a Londoner in a couple of months so you can help me with some food recommendations. 😂

    Yeah I just read the post

    Food is better in London got a few good Korean BBQ places i recommend

  5. 35 minutes ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

    Well, I live in Texas and they always use religious reasons for all vaccines. Some parents don't get their kids  any vaccines and get exempt from it and they go to school which freaks me out because we don't know who's vaccinated or not? My daughter gets all the vaccines she needs, but Texas thinks they are a country until themselves.

    What I want to know is where is this written in any bible since there were no vaccines when the bible was written.

    Also so damn sick of parents saying let kids be kids when talking about wearing a damn mask to keep your unvaccinated safe from covid.

    I would love to tell them, didn't you play dress up as a kid and love to wear make up or a Mask and dress up and pretend to be a character? Well, tell your kid it's like playing dress up and it can keep you well and keep you safe.

    I tell you if I meet one of these moron parents at a meeting, God help them!  What the hell is wrong with these people? If there child gets covid, I think they should be arrested for endangering the life of their child. 

    Well, living in Texas you won't win a there's no God argument.

    My mom had an argument with a woman when she lived in NY and no matter what she said this woman had a reason for God existing. it was like banging her head against a wall.  Here in Texas is the worse.

    Everything is either religion or the Cowboys. And by the way, 3 DAllas Cowboys football players tested positive for covid and the quaterback refuses to get vaccinated and nothing is being done about it. i have to get the hell out of this damn state.

    I also heard that Canada waiting about 8 or more weeks for a second shot and they seem to be doing well. Heard it on CNN so who the hell knows?

    If I need a booster shot now and every year, I will get it.

    I just want my daughter and all kids under 12 to get their vaccines as quickly as possible. They're saying the fall. Our Texas kids and all southern kids are already in school, so by the time the northern cities begin in September who knows how many kids will get covid. Numbers keep going up in Texas and Abbott says and does nothing.

    You are WAY to worried have a cup of tea an edible brownie and chill 

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