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  1. Don't think it is a tease just don't think he has the bottle
  2. Knowing GNR it's a cover of some obscure track no one cares for
  3. I'm the same but would give me left bollock to hear The General
  4. That delays the possibility of the Fury fight even further.
  5. Just purchased £600 worth of ADA Cardona
  6. I don't really know why I just really want to see it
  7. This and The General are my unicorn once I have them I can die happy
  8. State of Grace is my fav of the leaks would be gutted if we never hear a final version ... But this is GNR
  9. Heard this rumour a while back it makes sense to me if you compare the vocal pattern to the cell phone recording it is similar.
  10. 1 more year he would have gotten a letter from The Mrs
  11. Do we get a day off? That's all I care about.
  12. £100 says they don’t in the next 5 years too
  13. Bloody hell its hot me nuts are stuck to the sofa
  14. Most of then are " Care Workers "
  15. Went on the NHS website told them i was a care worker they don’t background check. had Astrazeneca everyone I know who had had it has been feeling rough for a few days after.
  16. Had my jab yesterday feel like fresh shit today
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