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  1. You poor man! Do you hate it even more if I told you that beloved GnR producer Bob Ezrin co-wrote the lyrics? I always liked that song though. Never been a big fan of post-Waters Floyd, but this is one of the tracks I enjoy. Not that it's anywhere near the level of what came before, but I still enjoy it. David and Polly's lyrics just rarely do it for me.
  2. It was time to give up on this band and stop spending money on them years ago.
  3. Read it and absolutely bloody loved it! Very honest, very straight forward. Easy read to get though. Like you guys said, wasted opportunity is a great way to sum it up. I've seen the Crowes live 4 times. Some of those were absolute pure magic.
  4. In related news: GnR's new album has been delayed another 2 years because Axl Rose has been struck with sudden depression and needs time to emotionally deal with the Taco Bell situation.
  5. Hell no. 1. I've vowed not to spend any more money on gnr in any way because I think they're a poorly sounding cashgrab who are generally shit to their fanbase and have been for years of not decades. 2. Most of it quite simply sounds terrible at worst and barely passable at best. The only thing I might consider buying is a new album with new material. But I'm not sure I even want that anymore.
  6. Fuck no. Axl being able to make an album with AC/DC while continuously not being able to do so with GnR is pretty much the biggest insult to the gnr fanbase they can do at this point. The ultimate confirmation of what a soulless cashgrab GnR is at this point. Also I absolutely LOVE AC/DC, but they should either make another album with Brian or not make one at all. I've read his hearing is getting much better. Edit: Glad to read this is old. I was scared for a minute.
  7. Rarely, but yes. First time was North Sea Jazz Festival 2009. I happened to be in the city because of work and it had BB King and Joe Bonamassa. Sure beats staying alone in a hotel room! After that I couldn't find anybody to go see Tom Petty in 2012. So I went alone. Turned out to be his last European tour before his death. SO glad that I went! Some of my mates are still bothered they didn't go at the time. Last year I went to two Heideroosjes reunion gigs. One of my favorite bands. They're a punk band that quit in 2012. It was awesome. I got into the pit and went stagediving
  8. Just listened to it. It feels a bit all over the place. It's not bad or anything, but to me not great either. Might still be a grower, but my first listen.... ok.
  9. I'm excited! Goats Head Soup is a great album. Underrated imo. Obviously it is because it's the one following 4 of the greatest albums ever made in the history of music and imo not as transcendent as those, but it's still a really good album. Criss Cross sounds good and nicely pulls you in and gets better as it progresses. Excited to hear more! Edit: Isn't You Should Have Seen Her Ass also a Goats Head song? Think they'll include that one as well? I think they only put it on youtube but never properly released it.
  10. Love it, but still it's just them playing over an older Izzy recording. I think. I found the same Izzy bits in a 2016 vid.
  11. Funny thing is, absolutely nobody comes off looking good here. Matt is an entitled little prick who wants to be validated all the time. Slash is a cunt who just goes where the money is. Duff is a backstabbing asshole in it for the money too. Axl is mad, which we already knew anyway. Lost to the GnR machine....that's an interesting take as well. The big bad GnR machine that just needs to roll on to make money and sell yoyo's. This further validates the whole GnR reunion as one big soulless cashgrab. It was already pretty damn easy to dislike them at
  12. The one on the surfboard? Nah man, that's just Matt Sorum.
  13. Worst song on CD Worst gnr song Dumbest choices to put on an album It should top tons of lists.
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