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  1. If they're coming here I'll definitey go. They were booked for a festival in 2020, but I really hope it'll be a regular show this time around.
  2. I was tempted to buy the cd, but when I saw it wouldn't ship until late February (5 months from now) I figured fuck this shit. Not going to support such levels of unprepared amateurism. It's not like there wasn't any time to set this up either. The price seemed fair and even thought the shipping costs are more than the price itself that wasn't a dealbreaker. But these shipping times are. I'll reconsider it in February.
  3. Fair enough Milo, fair enough! For me it's the other way around though. With ABSURD and this one. I posted my honest opinion on it a page ago. And yes, of course blindly slamming it makes little sense, but there should be room for any fair criticism on this one. And that I do have.
  4. Maybe it's just GnR trying to appeal to a younger audience? After all, they've done incredibly youthful things such as writing "school" as "skool", using a locker as artwork, adding a schoolbell (like Britney Spears did in her hit single Baby One More Time in 1998). Even ABSURD was spelled with a backwards R (like koRn has since 1994).
  5. "REEEEEEEE PEOPLE ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO BE SUPER POSITIVE REEEEEEEEE" Fucks sake dude, people are entitled to give their opinions. It's what public forums are for.
  6. Back to reality No, that would be when The Village Sessions leaked. Axl sounds like a cat being run over by a lawnmower and is getting worse. Oh cool, Izzy and Steven are back? So no... I felt bad for Dizzy Reed recently by the way. He's been in the band for 32 years. Slash and Duff combined have been in the band for 35 years. And still the recent Charlie Brown artwork only had Axl, Slash and Duff on it. But the songs and vocal takes are 20 years old. And it's just two songs that had already leaked as demo's, without any real announcement or plan. Assumption is the mother of all fuckups. Especially in GnR-land. Going by the past 25 years, I'd say this is a very unsafe assuption that management has given you no reason whatsoever to make. Realism is often mistaken for negativity. Being a GnR fan for about 25 years has taught me to be very cautious with stuff like this. I just explained why.
  7. You should really listen to The Village Sessions. But honestly, everybody should. It's the best GnR-related thing that has become available since UYI imo. And that's despite GnR and TB rather than because of them.
  8. It's interesting how they're all reporting it, but they're being very scarce with opinions on it. Nobody is really reviewing it.
  9. This whole song is a mixed bag for me honestly. I'm not a huge fan of the mix, mostly the drums. Though the HQ version does sound a lot better than the original NZ rip. I like the bass-intro. The overall riff is ok but a bit less aggressive than the demo. I think the bell at the start (and the locker artwork) are cheesy. The two things that bother me the most are the bridge and the final minute. The old bridge was kept interesting because of the guitar parts and it kind of made you wonder where things were going without killing the energy of the song. The new bridge is more wailing and honestly a bit boring to me. It takes too long and loses attention and energy. The final minute was an absolute riptide you got caught in with the demo version and imo the best part about the song. And while by no means bad, the new ending (final minute) is easily 2 or 3 steps down from that. Less frantic. Those are all things that you can probably get used to and I wouldn't even notice if I hadn't heard the demo version. But they bother me now. Though I will admit that it gets better after a number of listens, I still miss the agressive energy of the demo. So far that's my honest review. Also it bothers me way more than it should that they spelled it "skool". Maybe this song perfectly examplifies what Reunion-Guns is compared to 2001 Guns. 2001 Guns was ambitious, aggressive and had everything to prove. They had a more experimental mindset and were just so eager. Reunion Guns on the other hand is pretty much done with proving anything, they're not aggressive or eager, but more relaxed and going on whatever they have going. Without trying to make a fataxl joke, they're not hungry anymore. That's kind of how this Hardschool relates to the demo as well. What bothers more even more is that this was the last tiny little bit of perspective GnR fans had left. Now, I admit ABSURD came absolutely out of nowhere for us too, so this band is capable of surprises. But there's nothing else they rehearsed, nothing else that was on setlists as optionals, nothing else that's any substantial rumour. And management certainly isn't giving us anything either in terms of information/perspective. I hope GnR will do some of this soon. An announcement of an album or a new single at the very least, because we're currently back in pitchblack nothingness.
  10. I don't know man. Brian died in 69, Taylor left in 74 and Bill left in 93. That last one is almost 30 years ago. And like you said replacing him (sort of) was already questionable. Now, 30 years on, replacing Charlie? The Stones do have a pretty large hardcore fanbase that might reject continuing without Charlie under the Stones moniker. I don't know, I just hope they'll do the honorable thing.
  11. I still really hope that they'll just honor previously agreed upon / contractually obligated events and then quit. There isn't a real Rolling Stones without Charlie, not really.
  12. I get where Russ is going with this, but to every person who's now posting their own "UYI as one cd" tracklist... when I rise to power this shall be a crime resulting in public decapitation. It's the single most unoriginal and irrelevant thing you can do on a GnR fan forum.
  13. I'm also about the ritual for me. When I can stand in front of my cd and/or vinyl collection and find something that fits my mood. Getting it out, putting it in the cd or record player, sitting down and flipping through a booklet as I listen. Reading along with lyrics or gazing at pictures or artwork. It's the whole experience that I consider much more satisfying that scrolling through my phone. It's just much more real and you're much more focussed on whatever music you picked out. I also intend to keep collecting physical music. I actually (somewhat reluctantly) bought an SD card last year so I can fit my entire music collection as MP'3 on my phone just because my new car doesn't have a cd player anymore. Could've used Spotify and all, but it pisses me off when music I love isn't on there.
  14. The "emotional rollercoaster" of Guns n' Roses is like waiting in line forever without ever actually getting on the ride itself.
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