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  1. From Detroit to San Diego 2016 Axl heaps better then any show in 2018-19. All went down hill when he came back from ACDC. Check out the videos from 10/27/16 - Lima, PE - Estadio Monumental
  2. Delayed it if anything. Had fuck all to do with them soundchecking it. Apart from fucking them off
  3. Could be crap but I heard from a good source, who is involved with the Australian tour. That pre production was finished 4-5 months ago and they were just waiting on Axl.
  4. Win Tickets To See Guns N' Roses On Their 2021 Australian Tour https://www.triplem.com.au/classicrock/win/dab-guns-n-roses-169467
  5. That's right. Maybe they will only early days I guess
  6. Yeah I'll be there mate. Take all this with a grain of salt it could all be crap but I do think there is some truth in it
  7. Heard something and that Steven and Izzy are involved in same way. That would explain them using the cross other wise it's pretty lame
  8. There will be a album before they come to Australia. I heard that on the grape vine
  9. On soon https://www.9now.com.au/live/channel-9
  10. Tease us with a few 15 sec clips of HardSchool leading up to the 20th
  11. Guess. A single is the best we can hope for. When was the reunion announced was that the 1st of Jan or few days in?
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