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  1. My gold colored vinyl still hasn’t been shipped. The estimated release date is now 12/18 on the product page, so my hope is that if it goes out Friday USPS will have it to my door in about 6 weeks.
  2. I’m in the States. Ordered the Gold Splatter from uDiscover. Thanks for the HMV tip though.
  3. “Due to overwhelming demand, your order is now expected to ship in early December. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.” Love how they spin poor management as “overwhelming demand”. Ordered at the beginning of August for delivery in September. Now it’s not gonna ship until December. Frankly quite embarrassing.
  4. “Unfortunately, a production delay has affected the Greatest Hits Limited Edition 2LP in your order and we do not currently have an expected time-frame for when this will ship. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. As soon as we receive an update regarding your order, we'll be back in touch with you.“ It’s all old music, so there’s no level of urgency for me to get it, I just think it’s funny that this band keeps fucking up the easiest things.
  5. Ordered the gold splatter from uDiscover when it was announced. Still waiting on shipping confirmation. Anyone else in US still waiting on their gold splatter? Apologies for funding this cash grab, it just looked so pretty lol.
  6. I got that email for the Gold Splatter, but WalMart still has the original date.
  7. Everything is changing so quickly, that I can see this as a way to cover their bases. If everything miraculously clears up in 6-9 months they can go out and tour...if not they can push back another year. But who is realistically holding their tickets and not getting a refund?
  8. It seems equally crazy to me that a tour on this scale would be planned and followed through in 2021. That said, I think we could see an announcement today, but I’ve learned never to expect anything with this band.
  9. Refund is getting processed. I was polite but persistent.
  10. Not sure, but I bet it’s the show with the soberest crowd.
  11. Could be rights issues with covers. Could be they don’t want to broadcast spottier songs. Could be that they realize a shows are super long and they want this to appeal to casual and die-hards.
  12. The phrase “Selects” definitely indicates its just portions, as well as them saying it’s “moments” from the tour. Regardless, it’s cool that they’re doing this.
  13. Ya, the phrase “Selects” definitely indicates this, as well as them saying it’s “moments” from the tour. Regardless, it’s cool that they’re doing this.
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