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  1. Not to mention, money absolutely allows artists to “cut the line”. If this was a priority, we’d likely be getting it sooner.
  2. Agree. At least it saves me the stress of going early to snag one.
  3. Why do they do any of the things the way that they do?
  4. I’m shocked prices still haven’t been touched that much for this show. Still large pockets of seats at original retail.
  5. Easy if you’ve followed this band. Don’t expect anything and you’ll have a good time.
  6. Hard School, UYI deep cuts OR a guest would be more than I’m expecting. I’m just here for a good time with the best band inside the Friendly Confines. Once you expect more, you get disappointed.
  7. Absurd for sure. Bar I’m at is playing Sturgill Simpson pretty loud so it’s tough to separate.
  8. Sluggers has batting cages up top, that could be fun.
  9. You did the right thing. Tickets are dirt cheap, Wrigley is infinitely more cool than Hersheypark Stadium and Axl is actually sounding passable. See ya there!
  10. Grabbed one at this price. It may go lower, but didn’t want to chance it.
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