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  1. Some would contend that refusing to get vaccinated is not being respectful of others. But to bring the topic back to GnR, I dread the inevitable ZZ Top cover coming our way.
  2. If you want change, sometimes it means making difficult choices. We’ve heard ISE open 175 consecutive shows. IMO, only WTTJ, SCOM, NR and PC are “untouchable “.
  3. It would probably be wiser of them if they didn’t respond at all, but I don’t read these responses to be anything more than deflections. They know if they say “no”, they’d kill all the buzz. We’ve gotten Locomotive, Dead Horse, and a few others. I would expect them to sprinkle 1-2 older songs this summer, but nothing is guaranteed.
  4. I don’t think any intelligent person is expecting otherwise. First shows are notoriously spotty.
  5. Called them up and they’re looking into the issue. They will call me back once they figure it out. Uodate: Chicago is back up and running
  6. No idea, but considering that’s a show I’m going to, I’m gonna hunt down some answers today.
  7. Skyrush is a fantastic coaster. Also recommend hitting up Troeg’s Brewery at some point.
  8. I’m not intending to. I’m fully vaccinated and not within a high risk group. That said, people who want to mask up should absolutely do it without a second thought. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so if you feel more comfortable in a mask, go for it.
  9. Super exciting! Got Chicago and Baltimore on the docket, hope you do one of them.
  10. Has there ever been a time a GnR fan has asked this where the answer hasn’t been “yes”?
  11. There are some people with more money than they know what to do with. There are also loads of stupid people.
  12. Not the biggest Metallica fan, so the fact I recognized most of the songs from the set lists I looked up would indicate that the fans want to hear the hits. I imagine if GnR did the same thing they’d be able to sell extra tickets to diehard fans who want to hear the super deep cuts. This is of course under the assumption that the vote is tied to a specific ticket.
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