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  1. Hi guys, sorry if i'm being captain obvious, but has anyone seen that GN'R official channel since 2016 uploaded many 1987-1993 concerts? I'm not sure if I can post the links here, but I already heard Tokyo 1992, Greatest Hits Live on Air 1989-'91, Ritz, a bootleg named "Use Your Illusion 1993", Buenos Aires 1992, Noblesville 1991, Chile 1992, Rio 1991, And they're not listed, why is that? Is it old news?
  2. let's post the official video, so it will be taken out aswell.
  3. Yesterday Bolsonaro did the worst tv speech ever. Encouraged everyone to go back to work, school and reopen everything. He also said that is just a flu, and that he's athletic and nothing is going to happen to him (not that we care, btw). Everyone is schocked and we're fighting for his impeachment, even during these strange times. Our lucky here in Brazil is that nobody cares about Bolsonaro anymore, except his few fans, so nobody is going to hear him.
  4. I see that there's not too many Latin America brothers here. I'm going to give you guys a little review of what we're expecting here in Brazil. We're already in about 700 cases and 7 deaths, but we're not testing everyone and there's more than 12k suspect cases and lots of deaths under investigation. All cities and states are trying to do their best to beat it. I live in São Paulo City and our city and state just declared emergency state, what give us the chance to buy without to much burocracy. We're under not decreted quarentine, but all malls, schools, stores, public meetings, bea
  5. Agree 100%. It helps and it keeps things rolling on until we defeat this disease.
  6. I would like to see a live Q&A or something like that. I know that Duff and Slash can do it, can't see Axl doing it btw. Or a live feed with Slash jamming over backing tracks or something like that, would be cool as well.
  7. Maybe they're going to do Mexico again because they couldn't do what was in their plans??
  8. So, here in Brazil things are starting to get ugly. I'm working from home since last friday. Everything is starting to shutdown like cinemas, theaters, concerts, football, etc. We have 200 confirmed cases. Our dumb president was supposed to be in self-isolation, but yesterday he came out to greet his "fans" in front of Planalto Palace and supported yesterday's manifestations aswell . Everyone is trying to avoid agglomerations and he's supporting it. Way to go Bolsonaro.
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