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  1. Let's not forget about Locomotive, So Fine (Mexico 2020), intentions to bring PTY and TAY. Ah, and let's not forget about Axl releasing an official statement about Chicago's concert where he was sick and still performed like a pro.
  2. I was hoping for TWAT. Anyway. Axl sounded really good tonight. See you guys in June!
  3. Oh, based on duff's ig Live, there's too much echo going on. Wonder if it caused the tempo issues.
  4. HAHAHAHA almost had a heart attack thinking they were doing OMG.
  5. I made the correction there, thank you very much
  6. https://www.facebook.com/jodylynn423/videos/1016883329133228
  7. Shit, someone just barked on the stream? Fuck, my heart.
  8. looks like it's You Shook Me intro followed by Manish Boy jam hope we're going to have an extra long concert tonight!
  9. Ah yeah, i'm getting emotional since it's the last show this year. I always have a strange feeling when they go into radio silent til next tour, we never know what's going to happen. Guess i'll have to open a beer.
  10. HAHAHA yeah, i've been following it everynight since Hershey, it's been quite a ride.
  11. First Civil War on this year that doesn't followed Machine Gun outro, he did the usual Voodoo Child ending.
  12. HAHAHAH we're getting to know those guys. Shit guy is thanking everybody, looks like they're done for 2021.
  13. love how the guy who is streaming, is introducing his girl to GN'R - Rocket queen starts being played, he said "oh that's rocket queen", his girl seemed confused and he started singing the chorus for her, and she was like "ah yeah, i know that one" - Before Hard Skool he said "this is their newest song" - Right before Civil War he said "he used to talk a lot more, remember"?
  14. got some serious goosebumps here watching the last part of Hard Skool
  15. oh shit, man is literally growling Axl is on fire
  16. we have only one stream running, my anxiety is on high levels right now
  17. he keeps putting his hand on his ear, looks like IEM issues again.
  18. Band made a little screw with Rocket Queen, almost skipped everything and gone to the last part of the song, does anyone heard it?
  19. GN'R is one of the bands that most screw up tempos live. https://www.facebook.com/jodylynn423/videos/1016883329133228
  20. They have enough songs to do it! Pls Axl, give us a 4 hour concert, we'll not see GN'R till next year
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