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  1. The voice is about 50% on point (and not too far off when it’s not), the look and the moves 100%.
  2. Scraped is far better than Riad if you ask me. The version of Scraped with the drum intro and heavier guitars is a regular on my playlists. Riad is something I’ll listen to a few times a year at the most.
  3. Update: I listened to it again today and this time I heard the third line as “You’re surrounded by the others you were begging for” instead. Which would present an interesting contrast to the overriding “you’re all alone.” Perhaps it speaks of someone who has surrounded herself with false friends and flatterers as a substitute for true companions and loved ones (referred to in the next line as “the ones that you want to ignore”). Or himself, of course. After all, who’s the number one person that comes to mind for all of us in that case? Perhaps Axl had someone else in mind but ended up wr
  4. I like many, perhaps even most of the song’s individual elements, but the sum is just way less than its parts. The vocals are abrasive and grating to listen to, the lyrics don’t say much to me, and the song overall just fails to evoke any particular mood. And the leaked versions with the heavier mix aren’t much better.
  5. Peace of mind is not one of the perks included when you sign up to be a rock star.
  6. Mystery Inc on a mission to unmask The Chairman
  7. Taking a vaccine after already having the disease would do nothing for anyone else’s benefit. I prefer to live in a world where people are free to make their own decisions as to how much caution or how much risk they choose to live their own lives with. There is no shame in either.
  8. Already had COVID. It was nothing, I’ve had worse colds. No vaccine for me.
  9. Live Like A Suicide has it almost right. With two minor adjustments: So now you got more than you bargained for You’re all alone now You forgot about the others you were begging for You're all alone So talk to the ones that you want to ignore You're all alone now You used to be a little crazy now there's so much more You're all alone
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