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  1. Live Like A Suicide has it almost right. With two minor adjustments: So now you got more than you bargained for You’re all alone now You forgot about the others you were begging for You're all alone So talk to the ones that you want to ignore You're all alone now You used to be a little crazy now there's so much more You're all alone
  2. Rest assured, Axl does have an open letter to the fans and a special plague edition of Appetite in the works. They’ll be arriving any day now in the spring of 2028.
  3. Mine hasn’t changed much. Being too young to have lived through the original era, I never really had either of them high up on a pedestal or any grandiose expectations of them changing the entire direction of the band again if they came back. My disillusionment and disappointment with Axl on the other hand between the Chinese Democracy era and now has grown immeasurably. Looking back on classic GNR, the stories, the videos, everything about them, it was Axl and Axl alone who was responsible for making them “the most dangerous band in the world.” Sure, the rest of them were a bunch of semi
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