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  1. To whoever is putting out these releases - your bar for quality is way too fucking low, from the general performance, to capturing it to mixing it to publishing it. You SUCK.
  2. Just wondering how familiar people are with this? It got released a couple of months back. Big fan of the Blues Jam in this one. Look in the right places and you're able to listen to it (Gn'r have put the playlist on youtube) Clicking the vid below will take you into the playlist. (They clean up the mix after Easy)
  3. Silver Lining - Slash's and Fortus' tone work REALLY well together (and it's a nice mix in general).
  4. 99% Sure they have sounchecked OMG.
  5. Oh yes this could be the start of many Live releases
  6. Actually a great mix and decent performances all round.
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