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  1. From the master list I guess I'm wrong. I thought maybe it would be like Three Dollar Pyramid that was Better just under a different name. I thought it was one of the other instrumentals in here with Tommy's vocals but I guess not.
  2. I just got to the Tommy Demo #1. Can someone refresh for me, maybe I'm getting it confused. I feel like this track sounds familiar, so was there an instrumental version of this song but under a different name somewhere else in these leaks? I don't know, the instrumentation sounds familiar, but maybe everything here is just starting to sound similar.
  3. Thanks! Its so hard to keep track of everything. Ah, my mistake. I'm thinking of Zeppelin. I know it was down by the something water. I don't actually think they're shit. Its actually interesting to hear the process and what was clearly in his head at times. And honestly, some of them sound like they could be really cool songs if Axl only gave them the time of day. The instrumentals are not bad, but the only reason I deem them unessential and am deleting them after I listen is that if there's no Axl then there's zero CLASSIC GNR people. As you say, it really could just be ANYTH
  4. I'm seeing that it looks like MOST of the leaks were instrumentals? Which songs had vocals, Chinese ones that we already had included? Its interesting to hear, although most of the instrumentals I'll delete after once because, if it doesn't have Axl, its really got no REAL GNR people on it. Which is fine, I'm enjoying listening to these just to hear where Axl's head was at at the time. And the band sounds good. But just wondering what the percentage of the full leak package was vocals vs. non (like did only 20% of it have vocals)?
  5. The acoustic version of KOHD is the first thing I just heard when I got the big pack of leaks, and its honestly what made me keep listening on. I thought it was an excellent version of a song I'm relatively very sick of.
  6. Sorry to be an ass and late to the party, but just got a hankering to hear all the Chinese leaks that came out last year and was wondering if there is a comprehensive list that has the full list of songs that leaked, as well as the alternate titles that song used to be known by. I don't need like "Atlas Shrugged, ver. 4, Atlas Shrugged, ver. 17", just the full list of songs that actually got produced, like Oh My God, Atlas Shrugged, Hard School, etc. Additionally, I was wondering if that list could also have all the working titles those songs had, or the ones we knew them by. For example,
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