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  1. Axl will probably board a private Jet for Hershey PA at 3pm next Saturday and it will be his first time leaving his house in months
  2. I wish they would have made Chicago and Milwaukee dates further apart, would probably have gone to both shows, I am sure I am not alone
  3. Going from Smashing Pumpkins to Wolfgang Van Halen is a definite buzz kill, it sounds like WVH is a person you add in addition to whatever decent opening act you have especially at those stadium shows
  4. I just got an email the Motley Crue tour is pushed to 2022, so there is that as far as bands having a stadium tour
  5. He addressed the corn rows on Kimmel and he said he had no regret about them, he seemed to get defensive when Kimmel kind of mocked it, as for having sex with Beta I would say yes but I am sure there is something going on there, what we will probably never know
  6. Legit scary how fast the years go
  7. OK I said in my last post I had a dream Axl gave me the mic to sing a few lines of Think About You in concert and jamillos said they had so many dreams about GNR, so yea if you had any dreams about them please say them here if you can remember them or want to talk about it
  8. I just has a dream I was in the front of the pit at a GNR concert and they were playing "Think About You" and I was going crazy and singing along and Axl saw me and he held the mic to me and allowed me to sing in the mic, so yea I am wondering if anyone can hypothesize a deeper meaning for my dream as I believe our dreams tell us something about ourselves or if anyone thinks they are ever going to play "Think About You" again
  9. To be fair many Lamborghinis are significantly cheaper than a McLaren so I can't fault him in that, and I do not know why people hate using credit cards if you have the money, you get points for each purchase and it adds up, seems like a win/win
  10. Ha yes because those cities are essentially funding the Republican states who drag this country down, go look at the places that take in the most federal tax dollars while paying the least, and not to mention the Republican states who have no gun restrictions and those guns wind up on the black market in major cities which increase the gun violence
  11. Texas and Mississippi are Republican run states, Republicans destroy everything and than blame everyone else when the things mess up as a result and essentially make everyone else pay for their screw ups
  12. Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist shit bag, he doesn't believe most of the garbage that comes out of his mouth. Limbaugh just plays on the whole "blame democrats/liberals for everything" that the Republicans in this country get off on doing (even though they are really responsible for everything wrong) That being said, watching that clip if Limbaugh would have stopped at the "spoiled brat" statement I can't say I would have disagreed to much because let's face it what Axl did was messed up, but at said he has to somehow tie Bill Clinton to it as his way of "blaming Democrats"
  13. Crazy these guys are going to hit 60 soon, and than 70s before you know it, 70s was my grandma's age and she was ancient, no way GNR who I associate with my youth are going to be 70
  14. Summerfest which is the 13 day event in Milwaukee every July that GNR were supposed to appear at has now been re-scheduled to September, remains to be seen if GNR is still going to play or the event will happen, both which I have my doubts
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