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  1. well my apologizes, but as said it has been speculated counterfeiting is or could be an issue and I know you have a bunch of different posters from all kinds of markets and a thing like they could be a flag to a person who is looking to buy especially when spending hundreds of dollars to do so
  2. That pinhole guy from Ohio is exactly who I am looking at, he has a Detroit from 2016 I have been in the market for, selling at $200 total, it seems legit, but who knows, if you have a printing press and know what you are doing I am sure these are easy to replicate, I wish the bands took the precautions to put a hologram or something to make counterfeiting almost impossible
  3. Is there any way to really know if the Lithographs are counterfeit or not? It seems like it could be fairly easy for a person to create counterfeits with the right equipment and given how much they often sell for on Ebay I wouldn't be surprised if they are, like do they put a watermark or something in the paper that can make it hard to duplicate? There are a few lithos I am looking at on Ebay and I am hesitant to buy because these people seem to have many, not necessarily from the same show but from many different shows
  4. what is the deal with the T-Shirts on Rockabilia? they always have like a hundred cool shirts I have never seen anywhere else, this goes for pretty much any band as well, are these official shirts or is Rockabilia a knockoff website or something?
  5. and I still contend Sorry was written about Slash
  6. wow, saw 4 of the last 6 shows (missed the AC shows) and they decide now to play Coma, MOTHER FUCKER
  7. Yea other designs usually have GNR take their own spin on whatever they are basing it on, this just seems to close to the original, but regardless I wonder if GNR needs permission from all the owners they are basing their designs on
  8. great show made even better as I got the pick Slash used after Paradise City, also got a Duff pick he tossed into the crowd after the show as far as the attendance, here is a quick video I made during KOHD as I panned the crowd, you can see it was pretty much full, there were some seats at the opposite end of the upper level that looked empty, other than that I would say the place was at least 90% full or so it seems, I don't know if that 11,000 is an official number, but it sure looked mostly full to most
  9. Snoopy, Charles Schultz born in Minneapolis, these fuckers are really going to force me to make a 8 hour round trip to Minneapolis to see them tonight partially to get a Litho
  10. do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from buying tickets on craigslist, there are so many scammers out there and so many fake tickets and they know what to do to make their tickets seem legit, I would recommend keep on checking Ticketmaster during the day and the few hours before the concert as very often pits are released if they are sold out
  11. I can't imagine GNR will be back for awhile in the States, demand has been down this leg and they have been touring practically non-stop (minus pandemic) since 2016, wouldn't surprise me if it is 2024-25 or something before they start touring again in the US, 40th anniversary tour? Crazy
  12. Green day tour had alot of Pyro, I will bet anything it is to keep the costs down
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