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  1. GNR is really about making money, they know only a really small amount are going to pay $999 for the box sets and $10,000 for a pin ball machine, they are going to reduce prices over the next few years, they are just trying to milk those die hards who have a bit of extra money first
  2. does anyone know how much the GNR pinball machines were when they came out in 94 and how many they produced? I am aware of inflation and all of that, just trying to compare than and now
  3. "only' 5,000 of the $10,000 one, I am sure they are going to sell more than 100 of those at that price, guesssing wait a few years and you will get the locked and loaded treatment, these will be selling at 75% off
  4. I don't know if it was already asked, but is there any proof it is real? I know from the US shows it sounds like there were alot of fake lithographs around, is there anyway to prove these things are real?
  5. I do wonder if Izzy and Steven get a cut of everything they sell that has the classic appetite logo on it since it is their likeness
  6. I am curious what the concert situation is going to be like next year, I get the feeling sports will allow fans back in attendance but I am sure at a reduced capacity (maybe 40%?) and there will be social distance safeguards, I can't imagine the concert industry wanting to take another year off so I am guessing it is going to be a similar thing, but for events that have been postponed and they already sold like 80% of the tickets how are they going to determine who gets to go, my guess is they are probably going to give everyone a refund and just sell the tickets at an inflated price to try an
  7. I remember being in a record store and seeing a new Guns N Roses single out and I didn't even know they had a new song so I of course bought it and I thought it was an awesome song, than a year or so later I was in my friends car and their dad was listening to the classic rock station, and what comes on the radio? a "different/mellower" version of that Guns N Roses song that I only than found out was the original song by the Rolling Stones and that GNR song was a cover it is funny since than I have become a pretty big Rolling Stones fan and I would say Sympathy for the Devil is probably m
  8. I was in Barnes and Noble and I got a Chinese Democracy on Vinyl in their 1/2 price bin, I kind of want to open it but I also figure it might be kind of rare as Vinyl's weren't as big of a deal 10 years ago and a unopened one might be rarer, think I am better off leaving it unopened? Also anyway to know what kind of pressing it was without opening it? I know CD came out in 2008 and this says it is from 2010 so it is doubtful it is a first pressing
  9. Is it a limited edition of only 800,000 being sold for only $400 to eventually be sold for $20 by Christmas?
  10. Joke, so much criminality, Government should have just given $2,500 to everyone over 18 and it would have cost a fraction of what this 3 Trillion dollar bailout cost, just a joke how so many people got so much money and it ultimately has to he paid by those who got nothing more than a 1 time 1,200 check
  11. I'll bet every decision with GNR goes through the man who wrote November Rain
  12. they are offering up to 150% of your ticket value in "concert cash" as an option as well, it sounds like your best bet is to get that concert cash and than just re-buy your tickets with it
  13. do these guys actually have any new music sitting on the shelves waiting to be released? because if they do not release anything in the next month or so I assure you no one is going to give a crap if they release it a year or 6 months from now,,, now when everyone is sitting at home even releasing 1 "new" song featuring Axl and Slash together for the first time in 25 + years is going to create a good amount of buzz and it will be the talk of social media for at least a day or 2, when things go back to "normal" or at least if people are not sitting at home all day doing nothing if they decide t
  14. The fuck, there is a festival going on tomorrow in light of what is happening? How short sighted and greedy of all parties involved to allow this
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