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  1. I actually thought the internet was great in the early years, in the last 10 years however it seems it has deteriorated, obviously in reality the internet and all it provides is amazing, but the ugly side of the internet which is really the ugly side of humans (case and point the US capital last week) has grown substantially over the last decade and it seems the internet is now 1 giant trash can, I definitely did not agree with Axl when he said that 20 years ago (damn time flies)
  2. Are these official through the band? I know Metallica has released these limited edition lithographs over the last few months and they usually go pretty quickly
  3. I disagree, if this Covid thing comes to an end I think it will be a huge boom for the concert and sporting events industry as people will want to go out and party after being trapped in their homes for over a year, I just don't think it will be this summer, I think 2022 will be the boom year
  4. I have heard Ticketmaster/Live Nation is planning on concerts this summer but you need to prove you had a vaccine, I can not imagine the concert industry taking off another year, I am guessing there will be concerts just at limited capacity, not sure what that means for all the mega tours that sold out arenas and stadiums that got postponed to 2021, but a tour like GNR did not come close to selling out most shows so who knows what they are going to do
  5. Well as someone who is not a big Chili Peppers fan and I saw them multiple times and I was disappointed as their set were lacking the "hits" which is what I care about with them
  6. I saw 9 shows on the NITL tour, planned on seeing at least 2 shows this past summer before Covid, as said for me seeing GNR especially with Axl and Slash is an experience and I am more than happy with the set, I would prefer a few less covers and maybe some more Illusion or Lies/appetite songs they never play but I will take what I can get
  7. The same almost 3 hour shows plus Pretty Tied Up and Think About You? Mind boggling how fans complain about that, I will see that show 5 days a week, throw Locomotive in there I am in a heaven And for the record I assure you there will be a time in the future when GNR is going to play the standard 19 song 2 hour max show and I am pretty sure you won't be hearing any "deep tracks" at these shows and you will still hear 4 or 5 covers a night since that is part of GNRs history so enjoy these 2:30 - 3 hour shows while we have them
  8. Holy Grail? you mean an item I own? I am guessing it is the big box set I paid $900 for that is sitting in my living room that I am now able to get for $280, what else would it be?
  9. after one of the Hammerstein shows in NYC back in 2006 I hung around the back and literally every guy came out (minus Axl) and signed autographs, some were harder to get than others, Bumblefoot was the only one who was hanging around and talking to the fans, definitely thought it was cool at the time, Axl if I recall came out and basically darted to the van (it might have been when he was holding the light saber) Slash I met after a Miles Kennedy/Conspirators show in Madison WI back in 2012, hung around the back and his manager or someone basically told everyone to make a line and he will
  10. The perils of rock n roll decadence
  11. this shirt, bought it at Utopia on Long Island in like the mid-90s in their clearance rack (GNR wasn't popular at the time) I am guessing I paid like $10 for it? it is apparently a pretty rare and valuable shirt now, and that is another thing I discovered, concert and band T-Shirts from the 90s often go for large sums of money on Ebay, it is amazing looking at some of the prices of shirts I have or shirts I probably should have bought , if you have old concert shirts from the 90s or before don;t throw them out of donate them to the thrift shop because there is a good chance they have some soli
  12. anyone buy the 7 Lith set? I just picked it up cuz of the 20% discount, I am surprised to see it as long as I have because it is only a 150 limited run though the Lithographs are not that appealing and the $175 normal price is less appealing , still I feel I must have seen them selling them on the website for about 2 years
  13. I dont know the lyrics to much of paradise city despite hearing it about 5,000 times
  14. GNR ain't going nowhere, I am guessing their live shows are not going to be the same and I am sure we won't be seeing 3 hour marathons anymore, but if there is money to be made they will be back, have a bad feeling some older acts like the Rolling Stones have played their last shows at least with their core 4 guys
  15. Udiscover music is having a sale, $330 total including shipping, at that price I am thinking of getting another, even though the one I paid $900 for is sitting there collecting dust, don't as me why
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