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  1. Damn that means the lithograph is going to be white and not that impressive as well
  2. Technically those pits are $80.50 with the charges unless you get them at the box office and I am sure they are $59
  3. pit is small at Summerfest, so I would be surprised if prices drop further but who knows, there are going to be alot of empty seats at this concert, Summerfest shows have been selling like garbage and they are not reducing prices hard that would entice people to go like the $29 seats we have been seeing at other GNR concerts, I am assuming this is Summerfest's decision as almost every concert at Summerfest this year is selling like crap, just seems odd they are not willing to cut their losses and sell the tickets at a reduced price and get alot more revenue from ticket sales and all the money people spend on beer and food once they are in Summerfest
  4. I am guessing this is going to be a mega pit based on the seating chart and alot bigger than the football stadium and hockey arena pits, obviously why a city like Chicago is getting them reduced so hard
  5. Don't read this post if you got a pit for $89 because they are now $59
  6. Actually I remember after the show going to the Merch stands and there were still stacks of them so people weren't buying them and it was pointless for me to buy before the show and and fold it, I do wonder what they did with the extras as there is no way they came close to selling them all and I am confident they never sold them in their website
  7. on a side note I saw Billy Joel in Cincinnati 2 days after the Indy show and I was able to get the set list after the show, so after the show I toss it in the back of my car and it winds up on the Indy litho with the tape from the set list stuck to it, so I had to carefully peel it off and I was able to peel it with minimal damage, but it did damage, a part of the Litho got stuck to the tape and you can see on the back of the set list it says "Cut'N Remove"
  8. ok only did it for the last 2 shows I went but here it is, Lincoln NE I folded the hell out of as I was wearing Jeans and it does not look bad from afar, more noticeable the closer you look, and Indy the other night obviously noticeable but I am guessing will look better once I put it in a frame
  9. ok just joined, and I get a free t-shirt? not sure why I didn't join before
  10. I don't mean to disrespect anyone here but I don't understand the mentality of fans saying "no shows until new music" or "same show as a few years ago, I am staying home" I am assuming GNR are most peoples here's favorite band or one of their favorite band, so why wouldn't you go? is seeing the "same show" once every 3 years that much of a burden? I am guessing most people here never thought they would see Axl and Slash on the same stage again 6 years ago and here they are still going strong, and the shows have been pretty much great each show, and these guys are not exactly young and you never know what the future could bring the way rock stars and people in general seem to drop as you get older, especially considering some of the substance abuse these guys took in their early days, so yea I don't understand how anyone if they are in driving distance and have the funds to go wouldn't go if they consider GNR their favorite band or one of their favorite bands.
  11. is there a way to post photos on here without a link to a website? I have wanted to post photos in the past and it always shows you need to link a website and I don't know how to go about doing that
  12. you'd hate what I do to my Lithos, I fold them up and put them in my pocket, I hate carrying around a stupid poster while I am at a concert especially if I am in the pit, almost ruins the concert experience for me knowing I have to worry about or hold something while I am trying to enjoy a concert, and yes when I put it in the frame you really can't tell it was folded, and even if you can who cares, it adds character to it, "Why is this poster folded?" "Oh I was at the concert and didn't feel like carrying around a lithograph "
  13. I saw Green Day at Summerfest a few weeks ago and it was the same thing, they stopped selling lawn seating and they didn't budge on the reserved seat prices however the bleachers seemed to fill up by the time the show started so I am guessing they gave people who had bought lawns previously upgrades, still seems odd they are not discounting these shows, though the pits were originally $290 when they originally went on sale and they are now $240
  14. I am surprised they didn't stop in Alaska especially on the Use your Illusion tour where they played everywhere on earth, but yea those other states are not populated enough and are closer to the bigger markets so the fans in those markets will just drive to the bigger cities they are playing in which is probably under 90 minutes in most cases, though I can see them stopping at some of those places in the coming years if it seems they are running out of places to play in and are just looking to make a quick buck, something like Firefly festival in Deleware or the Frontier Days in Wyoming wouldn't surprise me in a few years
  15. saw them in Indianapolis on Wednesday, have a ticket for Saturday in Milwaukee, and $89 pit tickets, their really trying to get me to see them 3 times in 10 days
  16. Are they selling those pizza boxes at the merch stand?
  17. Does he still live in Indy? I thought he moved to LA
  18. And of course they lower the price on the pits to $150 after I dropped $215 on one yesterday
  19. It is basically dynamic pricing nowadays, if Ticketmaster thought the event was in demand they would raise the prices
  20. Anyone know if they always sell lithographs at the tour truck and if the tour truck is always outside at 1pm?
  21. He probably barely even speaks to the current members
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