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  1. Just listened to it again in full on way to work this morning. It really is stellar instrumentally (look forward to really breaking down the credits at some point). Great background music if you’re just a classic Rn’R guy/gal...
  2. Yep. Tommy’s got a tremendous discography once you toss in B&P, Perfect, etc. too (to say nothing of the ‘mats of course). So talented.
  3. Love Chinese- but to me it’s a band effort (or maybe collective effort is better?) if not necessarily the band most people wanted. I take Axl at his word though that an “Axl Rose” record would be a different animal (more instrumental I believe he said).
  4. Enjoy the record. Very good instrumentally with a cohesive “vibe” throughout IMHO. Really like “Rusted N’ Busted”, which to me is easily Hangover or even Pawnshop quality. Gilby’s been knocked for having a “thin” voice for a long time (think he’s even mentioned/acknowledged it). That said- I think he has the attitude that if “Gilby Clarke” is going on the front of the record- Gilby Clarke needs to be singing on the record. Maybe hurts the final product- but on the other hand I find I respect that old school approach. Anyway, when it comes to true solo records- I still always enjoy Gi
  5. Nice. Had actually been wondering if it was coming out the other day. Will definitely check it out. Gilby is such an unapologetic throwback. Have to admire it IMHO.
  6. I hear ya- but just trying to keep it realistic. Just don’t see how Axl’s ever going to be comfortable that his art will be given full label support (even w/Slash n’ Duff back). As long as that’s the case- I think our best hope is that he agrees to toss in a few “new”/reworked tracks to a record assured to be successful, and marketed- like a Best Of...
  7. Proper Best of... (as opposed to GH) album w/3 best “new” songs as bonus tracks w/Slash n’ Duff added in. That way new material is attached to a guaranteed “winner” (i.e. all the best classic material in one spot would fly off the shelves IMHO)- and puts to rest the whole “haven’t released anything new since...” talk. Then tour the Best Of... as long as they’re able/willing.
  8. As a Denver Broncos fan- I can relate to a blow out loss in the Finals (see late 80s & ‘13)- but at least we got there! Lol. FWIW- two awesome finalists (Mercury/May best rock duo IMHO- and Axl/Slash on that list too)- but perhaps a little “recency bias” there between the Queen film a few years back, and NITL.
  9. I think it may be kind of a “benevolent dictator”-type thing- where Axl/TB creates a very “family” environment where everyone feels valued/“part of the gang”, etc., and encouraged to contribute, etc. (i.e. rather than Axl saying “Do this!”). That said, at the end of the day, nothing’s going to happen contrary to Axl’s will- and he needs that kind of security to function. In other words, not to “Lord” it over everybody- just to give him peace of mind. That’s what I took from Dave’s comments. Who the hell knows though. Lol.
  10. Awesome interview Gambit. Honestly think it’s my favorite (along w/Gilby) one you’ve done all-time. Loved these insights from Dave: (1) Axl needing a “Chinese Demoracy” band/life structure for his self-preservation; (2) that only Axl can do what Axl does- and even he can only do it under certain conditions; and (3) just how much Axl was shooting for the moon with “November Rain” (i.e. Elton John, Beatles, and everything before in rock rolled into one)- and how much he succeeded swinging that hard for the fences. Very much look forward to a Part II at some point. One th
  11. Love the twins. Illusions are my favorite records (any artist). Just the fact no one can seem to ever agree on what the mythical 12-14 “combined album” tracks should be- suggests to me they did the right thing. Also, I think even as early as 1990, the label, mgmt., Axl, etc. already knew the band (at least as then constructed) may not be around in 5 years. Best (both commercially- and from a legacy POV) to clear the decks with all the Illusions material, plus TSI?, etc. to be sure it got out. Glad they did.
  12. Yep. Also, assuming this is Nov/Dec ‘92 (i.e. right after Clinton’s election)- Cobain had already pretty well pigeonholed Axl/Guns as “corporate” (i.e. Reagan/Bush), “Harley Davidson” rock in much of the public’s mind IMHO. Not a perfect test, but if I think about that 92-93 year in high school- Guns, Metallica, etc. were all still super popular w/the jocks (many future Limbaugh listeners! lol)- notwithstanding whatever was going on w/grunge and alternative. FWIW, personally, I always thought Axl was primarily a Libertarian- only becoming politically activated as a Liberal Democrat some
  13. Happy Birthday Axl! Wishing you great health n’ happiness this next year.
  14. Nice to see some appreciation for Dj. Had Dj come along 15-20 years earlier- IMHO he’s the kind of guy that would have gotten attached to one of the big bands in the LA scene [MC/Poison/Guns (instead of Gilby?), etc.], and become a household name- at least for a period of time. He has the looks, just enough chops, and something to offer songwriting-wise. I think Axl recognized that, and sort of enjoyed providing Dj a platform to at least get a little taste of what it would have been like for him had he been on the scene mid/late 80s. Then, as mentioned, there was that brotherhood/kinship Axl s
  15. In the scenario I painted (2016 : 2022)- I will not have seen my favorite band live in 6 years. No regret whatsoever in being excited about seeing them again at that point. Since 1991, Guns releasing an album requires finding the singing bush, summoning the invisible swordsman, and all 8 planets aligning (legally and artistically). No way I would sit at home deluding myself into thinking my purchase or non-purchase of a ticket has any impact in all of that...
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