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  1. My best guess: Brain. Maybe Tobias (if he can be located). Would be friendly to Stinson or Finck if he bumped into them. Seems like he was maybe close w/Dj at one point- but his “grandstanding” exit was not well-received. Who the hell knows though…
  2. I think there’s the general perception of the Illusions as a whole- which is a bit mixed as you say- particularly as a follow-up to Appetite- vs what’s actually on the Illusions records individually. LALD, DC, NR, CW, Yesterdays, KOHD, Estranged, and YCBM alone is a GREAT career for 99% of bands to say nothing for a band that also has the best hard rock debut all-time, another Top 5 single (“Patience”) floating around out there, one of the most legendary Tours (UYI), and videos (NR) too. That’s enough (IMHO) for Spaghetti, and Chinese to not even come into it- though as a fan I love both those records.
  3. Yep. If the truly great rock bands of all-time retired to the same English country estate- Guns would be there. They might be parking cars for the likes of the Stones, Beatles, Zepp, etc.- but they’d be there (1st ballot RNRHOF, the greatest debut hard rock record of all-time, playing stadiums 30+ yrs later).
  4. Same here. The Guns N’ Roses “physical release savings account” is pretty flush.
  5. Agreed. Shared “Hard Skool” w/two of my snobbiest music fan friends (i.e. if it’s not “Sgt. Peppers”-era Beatles- it’s trash)- and they both liked it quite a bit. Pro rate that out to the masses- and should be a good sign.
  6. I believe it. Despite Axl’s “reputation”- who has he actually let go/fire? Gilby? Anyone else? Matt and Pitman seemingly forced their own firings- which is a different animal IMHO. At the end of the day, I think Axl’s a believer in carrying on with whoever will keep rallying to the banner. Once they stop- nothing owed- and the slot is gone- though some (i.e. Brain, Finck, Tobias) may retain “Guns N’ Roses Family” status…
  7. Well said. “Absurd (SW)” has always had a Charles Baudelaire-vibe to it IMHO. In fact, wouldn’t surprise me (though to be clear- have no idea) if Axl was reading a lot of Baudelaire in the late 90s. It’s almost as if “Absurd (SW)”’s “TIL”’s evil twin brother. If one side of emotion is worthy of expression- why not the other? Now “strategically” is it the best move? Admittedly, have to wonder. Baudelaire wasn’t well-received- at least initially- and this may well not be either- particularly in the current environment. There’s something very G N’ R Lies IMHO about putting it out there anyway though. Hopefully, there’s a “Patience”-level track coming along too to uphold the whole effort.
  8. I’ll say this for “Absurd (Silkworms)”-it has some fucking fire to it. Always has. Guns showing some serious stones playing it in the #metoo era too. Stunning really…
  9. Axl was right. They should have done it. Probably one of the very few ways they could have reestablished some street cred coming off the UYI-era…
  10. Think GNRs just one of those entities that you’re never allowed to get too close to the sun. In other words, Susan leads to Duff leads to… Uh uh. Not happening. Do Love Brando- and his podcast though. Hopefully, there’s a smart/artful way to keep it going w/o hitting TBs tripwires (which rightly or wrongly are a fact of life).
  11. Bought mine for $500 about 6-7 yrs ago. Popped up on Ebay, and snatched it “Buy Now” the first 24 hrs. Haven’t opened it- but printed out the booklet, and essay from one of those sites that had ‘em to skim through. Pricy- but have never regretted having it in my collection…
  12. Some great research/compilation work here. Thank you! Have always wondered what (if any) influence classical composers have had on Axl. Vivaldi and Beethoven (particularly on Chinese) come to mind to me as a listener- but of course could be waaaaaay off.
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