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  1. Axl was right. They should have done it. Probably one of the very few ways they could have reestablished some street cred coming off the UYI-era…
  2. Think GNRs just one of those entities that you’re never allowed to get too close to the sun. In other words, Susan leads to Duff leads to… Uh uh. Not happening. Do Love Brando- and his podcast though. Hopefully, there’s a smart/artful way to keep it going w/o hitting TBs tripwires (which rightly or wrongly are a fact of life).
  3. Bought mine for $500 about 6-7 yrs ago. Popped up on Ebay, and snatched it “Buy Now” the first 24 hrs. Haven’t opened it- but printed out the booklet, and essay from one of those sites that had ‘em to skim through. Pricy- but have never regretted having it in my collection…
  4. Some great research/compilation work here. Thank you! Have always wondered what (if any) influence classical composers have had on Axl. Vivaldi and Beethoven (particularly on Chinese) come to mind to me as a listener- but of course could be waaaaaay off.
  5. Another great interview w/David. Quite a cliffhanger at the end. Looking forward to Pt 3! BTW- totally agreed on Gilby and the RNRHOF. UYI Tour & videos, Tokyo vids, TSI?, Live Era, GH, etc. Seems others have been inducted for less. While true Gilby never got to write w/the band- I think Pawnshop proved he potentially had some pretty good stuff to bring to to the table. At least he got to perform at the induction.
  6. Not sure about AFD. I’d say “Sorry” is Illusions-sounding though. Have had casuals riding in my car say to me “Good tune. Can’t remember- is that on UYI I or II?” before.
  7. Hear ya. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we get anything- which is a bummer b/c the Illusions are my all-time favorite records (any artist). Appetite was a no-brainer. Illusions are complicated- and tend (IMHO) to generate more ambivalent feelings from the band, fans, media, etc. I also think the bigger “happenings” of that era were the Tour and Music Videos- but that starts shining light on Matt, Gilby, riots, Steph, etc. Could totally see everyone just saying “screw it”- or maybe slapping together a remaster 2.0 or something (and even there have to wonder if the band/label really wants
  8. NITL’s been great for different reasons IMHO. Not so much the band (more of a carefully constructed touring “machine” than anything)- but a “victory” for the classic material’s legacy. Playing stadiums night after night in the US put to bed the whole “grunge killed GNR” thing- at least in the sense of what Kurt wanted- which was for the public to so categorically reject GNR that they’d be erased from history. Didn’t happen. The classic tunes, and Axl/Slash star power withstood the test of time.
  9. Obviously, would be super cool if they (band/label/etc.) could manage to hit the exact UYI anniversary release date- or as close to it as possible. That said- and I hate to give them any ideas- UYI was really more of an “era” than actual release date IMHO. Heck- the UYI Tour itself is arguably more famous/infamous than the actual records. If that’s the standard- then any time in the 2021-23 timeframe would technically still be “on schedule”.
  10. Just listened to it again in full on way to work this morning. It really is stellar instrumentally (look forward to really breaking down the credits at some point). Great background music if you’re just a classic Rn’R guy/gal...
  11. Yep. Tommy’s got a tremendous discography once you toss in B&P, Perfect, etc. too (to say nothing of the ‘mats of course). So talented.
  12. Love Chinese- but to me it’s a band effort (or maybe collective effort is better?) if not necessarily the band most people wanted. I take Axl at his word though that an “Axl Rose” record would be a different animal (more instrumental I believe he said).
  13. Enjoy the record. Very good instrumentally with a cohesive “vibe” throughout IMHO. Really like “Rusted N’ Busted”, which to me is easily Hangover or even Pawnshop quality. Gilby’s been knocked for having a “thin” voice for a long time (think he’s even mentioned/acknowledged it). That said- I think he has the attitude that if “Gilby Clarke” is going on the front of the record- Gilby Clarke needs to be singing on the record. Maybe hurts the final product- but on the other hand I find I respect that old school approach. Anyway, when it comes to true solo records- I still always enjoy Gi
  14. Nice. Had actually been wondering if it was coming out the other day. Will definitely check it out. Gilby is such an unapologetic throwback. Have to admire it IMHO.
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