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  1. I don't play Chinese Democracy.. that's not a good sign..

    If i question why i don't play Chinese Democracy, i guess it's because it don't sound like Guns N'Roses..

    Ignoring the previous line of text, and listen to the album, without attaching a band name to it, i hear a patch-work of sounds, that simply sound lumped together. There's a complete lack of togetherness about the sound..

    When i play an album, i do it to get something from it.. it might be happyness, a high, deep-meaning.. with Chinese Democracy, i feel depression. The song's are depressing.

  2. I've never owned a Kid Rock album, or do i intend to.. but, i have to admit, i like the track he did with Slash on Slash & Friends..

    In recent times I go and read:

    Alan Jackson and Kid Rock kick off show at SeaWorld, all the while other artists were dropping SeaWorld like a hot potato..


    The next time Kid Rock appears on an another artists album, i won't be buying it..

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