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  1. So is he saying the virus caused the delay in release? I thought we knew about it being delayed back toward the beginning of March.
  2. I like how Trunk downplays the Troubadour show and keeps calling the Las Vegas show the "first show" to sweep over the fact that he wasn't important enough to get an invite to the Troubadour show
  3. As interesting variant: try to re-create the actual Live Era tack listing with different performances. I'd be open to seeing it done with either 1987-1993 performances only, or where any live era is fair game.
  4. Thanks for sharing. I cannot believe that was almost four years ago. The funny thing watching the little bit of footage from the video is you can tell Slash was still mainly hanging around Duff on stage at this point. It wasn't until later that I remember Axl starting to interact with Slash more.
  5. I've wondered what has happened to Axl's grudges that came about solely because of people associating with Slash. Back in 2014/2015, Josh Freese said he was bummed out about the fact that he ended up on Axl's shit list for playing on a couple tracks on Slash's 2010 solo album. So what happens now that Axl and Slash are cool again? Do people like Freese automatically end up back in Axl's good graces?
  6. According to certain wrestlers (so believe it if you want) there's, for no real known reason, still bad blood on Axl's side regarding Sorum. Apparently, early in the negotiations, Slash and Duff even tried to bring up bringing Matt on board and Axl laughed it off.
  7. I think the news of Matt Sorum's book caused more excitement than this.
  8. I listened to most of it last night. Although I keep up with Guns n' Roses through this forum, I realized that, outside of the show I saw in 2016 and the occasional YouTube clip, I really hadn't heard a full Axl performance in a long time. I was prepared for the worst, but was pleasantly surprised by how good it sounded. the band sounded absolutely incredible and in tune with each other. If I remember correctly, this was at the height of "Frank fucks up the songs" mania, but he sounded good to me. Just some random thoughts I had. Note that I started listening on Estranged: If you took o
  9. Forgot about the paparazzi incident. I remember everyone watching the video to see if Axl still had the corn rows or not. We had literally seen zero pictures of him since he left stage at the last show in 2007. I feel like even now there are the occasional photographs of him out and about between tours.
  10. More MSL scuttlebutt. I am too lazy to look up the original post, but it came down to rumors that Tommy Stinson was refusing to take the stage before this show, that the rest of the band was fed up with him being a drunken asshole, and that Axl had been in clsoed-door talks with Duff about possibly re-joining the group.
  11. No. Josh introduced Buckethead to Axl in late 1999/early 2000 shortly before he left. Buckethead recommended Brain for GN'R sometime in early 2000 (shortly after Josh officially left). Brain joined and started recording in mid-2000.
  12. Yeah, in one of the Appetite for Distortion podcasts, Brain mentioned that when he first auditioned for Guns N' Roses, he didn't really prepare, and thought he could just wing it with the more improvisational, "go with the flow," type playing he brought to Primus and Tom Waits (which isn't a knock on his playing; just a different style in those contexts). He said the initial rehearsal with Tommy was awful, and Tommy made some crack like "I thought you were a great drummer." After that, Brain requested a second rehearsal where he modified his drum kit to sound more "classic rock" and really wor
  13. Pretty nail on the head (a lot of this information came from me, and I got it from other sources). The only caveat I'd make is that I do not think Tommy and Brain ever had any sort of rift. In the Appetite for Distortion podcasts with Brain and Tommy, they both seem to speak fairly highly of the other. I think Tommy had to get Brain's ass into shape a little bit for playing in Guns N' Roses, but I do not think it became a personal thing like it did with Tommy and Buckethead.
  14. I hate to say it, but I actually have to believe Walker on this one. Billy has turned down some festivals/opening gigs with large bands (particularly in the beginning of the last decade) because he thought Smashing Pumpkins were above those kind of shows and should be headliners. I have seen Smashing Pumpkins seven times (will be seeing them at Shaky Knees in May) and every show has been spectacular. Maybe you just don't like the band? As to why I don't travel to see GN'R, I'll ignore the smart ass tone of your questions and respond sincerely. At this point in my fan hood, I will not tra
  15. Smashing Pumpkins are my all-time favorite band; even above GN'R. I'm bummed they won't be opening in Atlanta.
  16. Got my ticket to Atlanta with the pre-sale. I haven't seen them since they were last in Atlanta in 2016, so they've added a bunch of songs I'd really love to see live ("Slither," "Shadow of Your Love," possibility of "Dead Horse" or "Locomotive").
  17. I just had a chance to listen to Eddie Trunk and Rick's interview. Listening to those two virgins try to out yell each other was one of the saddest things I've seen in the GN'R community in some time (and we do not have a shortage of sad going ons around here). In all seriousness though... -Rick comes across like some creepy redneck (and I am in NO WAY saying he is; just how he comes across in the interview). The parts where he was trying to rant and rave about song titles from the leaks, Team Brazil, and the "Mac Daddy" to an audience that had no idea what the hell he was talking ab
  18. Rick cannot go to prison from a civil suit. I suppose criminal charges could be pursued like they were in 2008, but I'm sure after that fiasco, the FBI never wants to deal with Guns n' Roses again (cannot believe I just typed that sentence).
  19. This. It's the same as the 2008 leaks of half of Chinese Democracy. The label pursued legal action, and required Guns N' Roses' management to participate. I will not place blame on the band until we receive explicit confirmation Axl approved this. They don't have time for this. They're too busy having three-hour meetings about future tours and potential crap on which to plaster the band's name. I would not entirely discount the "Tom's locker got auctioned off" theory. The band's representative gave as non-committal a response; probably to avoid making everyone look like an idiot over som
  20. We need to start making requests here for other GN'R member autobiographies. -Trapped in the Vault: The Paul Tobias Story is my starter.
  21. I'd be interested just to read if he talks about 1994-1997. Slash and Duff wrote about that period briefly in their books, but each of them had one foot firmly out the door during that time, so we did not get a lot of details. Sorum actually spent a good bit of time jamming with Dizzy and Paul Tobias during that time. He probably has some cool stories to tell.
  22. You jest, but when they opened a show in 2014 with "You Could Be Mine," the board freaked out!
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