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  1. 26 minutes ago, ZoSoRose said:

    I am a huge fan of Robin, Bumble, and Bucket

    We "punish" him because he sucks

    He was the only guitarist I have seen that seemed to get worse as him time in the band progressed. In 2009/2010, there was still a lot of work to do, but it felt like he was on the way to getting where he needed to be (I also cut him some slack because Robin had some pretty rough nights in 2001/2002). That being said, when they came back in 2011, it seemed like his guitar playing took a backseat to his showboating antics. 

    He's not a bad guitarist by any means, but has no "wow" factor that someone like Slash, Robin, or Buckethead did. Honestly, if Richard had gotten to play full lead (like he does now) and DJ got a role similar to Richard's in the 2002-2014 lineups (mainly rhythm guitar with a few big guitar "moments" sprinkled in throughout the show), people would probably view him a lot more positively. As it was, he took off way to big a bite trying to play lead in a band with Bumblefoot and Fortus. 

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  2. I'm all for bands and musicians trying different things, but the song DJ released under the "ASHBA" moniker really shows what he does; just adopts whatever style he thinks will get him the most attention: that shred album he released in the 1990s, mid-2000s bro hard rock with Sixx A.M., attempting to play GN'R material to cash in on nostalgia, or dance music. It does not seem like he particularly identifies with any of them (I would imagine his "truest" style would be closest to Motley Crue). 

  3. As the last Guns n' Roses release for about 6 years (and for the general public 14 years), I can understand why someone would see it as a let-down. As a toss off track for a movie soundtrack, it works fine to me. Axl sounds spirited and (unpopular opinion) I actually like the guitar "call and response" between Slash and Paul Tobias. That being said, it's not a track I actively seek out. I only heard/hear it when I used to listen to the Greatest Hits album, or when it pops up on Pandora. 

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  4. On 8/14/2020 at 11:05 PM, The Holographic Universe said:

    I believe because of the videos during UYI a lot of people associate Gilby as an original member. 





    That's what I always found when I talk to people who remember GN'R from the 1990s, but didn't know a whole lot about the band. He appeared in almost all of the Use Your Illusion videos, was in a majority of press and photos from the era, and played on their most well-known professionally released show (the Tokyo shows). I do not pay a whole lot of attention to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but it did seem strange to me that they did not include a member who was in the band during the majority of the band's most famous period. Even going off the "we only induct people who play on records" standard, he played on one of their albums. Admittedly, it was a covers album, but it was still a multi-platinum album. 

  5. He was (and still seems) like a genuinely cool dude, and saved the band's ass on a moment's notice after Izzy left the band. In all honesty, I suppose it's entirely possible more people saw the band with Gilby than Izzy.

    It would have been interesting to see how the guitar chemistry would have evolved had he stayed in the band. Gilby is a much "tighter" guitar player than Izzy when it comes to rhythm and close to Slash's level when it comes to lead (maybe even as good on a technical level. Slash just has such an immediately recognizable tone). Izzy's biggest contribution to the band was songwriting, but also brought a very loose and sleazy style rhythm guitar. Matt was spot on in his book when he said the "classic" Guns N' Rose sound came from Izzy's songs and looseness on guitar combined with Slash and Duff's more bombastic playing. I wonder if Gilby would have tried to continue that vibe, or if it would have become a situation like Slash and Richard where both got their big moments in songs and in concert. 

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  6. Actually, Matt discussed this a little bit in his book. Slash came and tried to jam with the band, and the whole group had a big "talk it out session" which was supposed to be about the direction of the band. Apparently, Axl and Slash couldn't meet eye-to-eye on anything, and it ended up digressing into Axl bringing up old memories of how Slash and Duff wronged him in 1983-1986/87. Matt said, after a few hours, Slash got out of his chair and just left the building. It was the last time all of them were in a room together. 

  7. 17 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

    There is this very short interview in Rio:

    US: Robin, are you going to participate in the Guns American tour?
    Robin Finck: Well, I don't know yet, we just got together to do this show.
    US: Does Nine Inch Nails plan to come to Brazil one day?
    Finck: Our tour is over now, so I don't know. I think so.
    US:  Will you participate in the recording of the new Nine Inch Nails album?
    Finck: I don't know.


    He sounded uncertain about his status - or maybe I over-interpret it and he just didn't want to talk.

    Original interview (in case there is a mistake in the translation):


    It sounds like he was just saying the band's touring schedule was uncertain beyond playing the Rock in Rio date. It does not sound like it was meant to be his status in the band was in question.

    The Azoff speculation, for those who have asked, started from a certain overweight wrestler (so take it for what you will). The wrestler claimed Azoff basically tried to "freeze" Tommy and Robin out of the band in 2007/2008 by blocking any of their communications to Axl. His hope was that it would put Axl in a spot where he felt he had to go back to Slash and Duff, and Azoff would be responsible for another mega-reunion. Azoff had no idea Axl would essentially disband and go into hiding once the record came out in late 2008. When Robin left, it was apparently not because of anger to Axl directly, but more "I've been in the band ten years, I shouldn't have to put up with this shit." If the wrestlers list of documents are to be believed, Robin and Axl were still in touch after Robin re-joined NIN, as I think there was some sort of email correspondence between the two discussing the leaked tracks in 2008. 

    Whatever happened, it seems to be in the past since Robin played with the band in 2012. Also, in the one interview he did back in 2013 or 2014 (the only interview with him where his tenure in Guns N' Roses is mentioned in more than passing), he seemed to reflect fondly on his time in the band and his contributions to Chinese Democracy. 

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  8. We'll call this my unpopular Guns N' Roses opinion. 

    I have never, ever, understood any love "One in a Million" gets. Outside of the infamous offensive lyrics (which sound like a teenager trying to be edgy), I would call it, at best, a "C-tier" Guns N' Roses song. Honestly, if not for the attention it got, I doubt any of us would be talking about it. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Gambit83 said:

    Roberta is sweet. As stated in the interview, I spoke about myself specifically to prove a point, be an example for others. To represent mutual feelings with the listeners toward race. What would be more effective? Speaking in generalities or personal feelings?

    First off my apologies. That came out blunter/snarkier than I meant it to. I love your podcast, listen to every episode, and think you do the GN'R community proud. I totally understand wanting to bring your personal feelings and experiences into the mix, but I felt that - given the current circumstances - Roberta really wanted to talk about the black experience unhindered. It felt like, on occasion, you were too quick to jump in with comparing things to being handicapped and/or Jewish (and I get that you qualified this by saying you understood those are different than the black experience), when Roberta really just wanted to talk uninterrupted. 

    I get it man. My dad was Jewish (proud "half-Jew") so I can understand that easiness to lapse into self-deprecating "I'm a jew" humor, but there are times and places for it. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, WillBailey said:

    You're right! The creepy/gross stuff overshadows some rare interesting parts actually about music and the band. Would love to hear Axl's version of that discussion... Matt's version seems a bit random/cliché about Axl (rambling on mid 80s stories) but who knows!

    I can definitely imagine the discussion about synths though. I wonder what Slash truly thinks about Melissa's addition to the band...

    To Matt's credit, Izzy told a very similar story in an interview from 2001.

    "He says his last face-to-face contact with Axl was six years ago. “I’d moved back out to LA. I bought this old Norton Commando 850. and was riding around one day and I thought, ‘Fuck it, I’ll go by his house. Bastard, he lives up in the hills, he’s got a big house, I’ll go and see what he’s doing’, you know? “And I go up and he’s got security gates, cameras, walls, all this shit, you know. So I’m ringing the buzzer, and eventually somebody comes and takes me up and there he is. He’s like, ‘Hey, man! Glad to see you!’ Gives me a big hug and shows me round his house. It was great. “Then, I don’t know, probably a month later, one night he calls me [and] we got into the issue of me leaving Guns N’ Roses. I told him how it was on my side. Told him exactly how I felt about it and why I left. And man, that’s the last time I’ve talked to the guy! “But, I mean, he had a fucking notepad. I could hear him [turning the pages] going, ‘Well, ah, you said in 1982. blah blah blah…’ And I’m like, what the fuck - 1982. He was bringing up a lot of really weird old shit. I’m like, ‘Whatever, man’. But that’s the last time I talked to him."


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  11. 6 hours ago, allwaystired said:

    I've got to the point where I actually wish something like this was true! 

    A few no shows and late starts would at least be something to shake things up! 

    You say that, but when they had that brief jaunt through North America earlier this year, the first show started a little late (for the very good reason of making sure everyone got in the venue) and the whole board had a meltdown. It meant Slash and Axl were done and this would be the last tour. 

  12. 3 hours ago, RussTCB said:

    As always, I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

    Are the current lineup of GNR a close knit group of buddies? No, of course not. Anyone who's seen any footage of the band can see that clearly. 

    Are Slash & Duff sitting around wishing they had enough power to bring the almighty Matt Sorum back? Nah, probably not. 

    Have the two of them said things to make Matt feel better while they cash their checks from the reunion? Probably. 

    This: 100%. 

    Take it for what you will, but MSL said that when Slash and Duff first came to the bargaining table, they brought up the possibility of Matt being the full time drummer for the NITL tour, and Axl laughed it off. I'm sure to them, that was the most they could do in terms of getting Matt back "in the band" instead of just guest spots. He also said Axl brought up the possibility of continuing with three guitarists, but Slash refused. Point being, there was give and take all around, and not a specific attempt to keep Matt out of the band. 

    For what it's worth, I completely understand Matt wanting to get his side of the story to the public. That being said, it looks like he resorted to gossip in a way that Slash and Duff's books did not. To be fair, Slash and Duff's books have their fair criticisms of Axl, but they never resort to this type of whining. As a matter of fact, I think Slash actually apologizes for the times he did knock Axl in the press. Beyond Matt cutting off his ties to Axl, Slash, and Duff with this book, I imagine it will not sit well with Izzy either. Although he does not say anything bad about Izzy, we all know Izzy remains a quiet and guarded person who seems to have worked hard to avoid airing dirty laundry. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, RussTCB said:

    Other artists:

    Doing online streams for free, talking directly to fans, raising money to help in the fight, releasing archive material and concerts for free


    Guns N Roses:

    We've added select fans who've spent a lot of money on us to a VIP list so they can spend even more money on us 


    Solid work as always. 

    Is it to a select group of fans? I just figured it was to anyone who was on the Guns N' Roses email list. 

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