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  1. Really fun and informative interview. I am glad to hear he and Axl are back on good terms. A few years back, Josh mentioned that he heard Axl was mad at him for playing on the 2010 Slash album.
  2. I agree that he looks absolutely sickly in the NBA 2001 interview. I'd argue, however, it's actually one of the more laid back interviews he's given. Knowing how these sports interviews typically go, I would be willing to bet that the interviewer either: a) didn't even know who Axl was (someone on the crew told him right before they approached him) or b) he knew it was the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, but had no idea this was essentially the equivalent of getting an "on the street" interview with the music industry (at the time) equivalent of Howard Hughes or J.D. Salinger. Axl remains active enough now that even when he disappears for a minute, we assume he'll be back. At this time it still seemed like every live performance could be his last. If I had to guess why Axl seems so uncomfortable in the NBA interview, I would imagine he really did not know how the interview would go, and was probably bracing himself for Guns n' Roses related questions he wanted to evade. You can see him lighten up as the interview goes on, and I'm willing to bet it was because he realized it would be a sports only interview. It's not dissimilar to how Axl got pissy/defensive at points when people asked him GN'R questions in the 2008 forum chats, but he actually gave very humorous and self-effacing answers to more "silly" questions unrelated to music.
  3. How was it that the 2009 interview with The Oakland Press did not get discovered until recently? Did they just post it this year? I Googled it and read it. It may be the most down-to-Earth and laid-back Axl sounded in 2008/2009 between the forum chats and other interviews. Admittedly, the interviewer asked some softball questions, but still, some of his other interviews were downright venomous.
  4. My apologies. I meant The Joint: bran lapse. Also, this was in one of the review of the end of 12.31.2001 show (the one mentioned earlier where the reviewer discussed talking with Axl): @Peleto thread He also said that they recorded 4 new versions of Knockin' on Heavens door. He said one was reggae, one was "eclectic," and the version they played in concert, which is a much more slowed down version, which I actually like better than the version on Use Your Illusion II Also, legitimate question here. How do we know the "2003" pics were not from 2002 (when he had the same style braids)? How do we know the "2005" picture was not form 2003/2004? Just curious. I'd always heard the "2005" picture was 2004.
  5. Shame we have nothing from the late 2001 House of Blues shows. According to people who were there and other media reviews, he was on fire and confident in a way he had not been at the January 2001 HOB show and RIR III.
  6. I was thinking a "pussy full of maggots" theme sex toy...
  7. Also depends on if you're talking music, lyrics, or both. If I remember correctly, DJ Ashba said Axl would occasionally play the band instrumental demos he'd made.
  8. I'd love to see the band do something more, but much like it seems the "Absurd"/"Hard Skool" plans were put on hold due to the initial wave of COVID-19, I have a feeling any potential plans/releases would be put on hold until things resume. All that being said, seeing the band in Raleigh a few nights ago seemed like a great "ending point" for me should the band go into hibernation for a year or two. I've seen Axl at other shows where he was fired up and had something to prove (Atlanta 2011), but he was on fire in Raleigh, any vocal issues aside, and seemed to be happy in a way he was not even happy in 2016-2019, when he still seemed to be enjoying himself. The whole experience gave me a sense of closure I have not had in a while. As I've always said, as much as we bitch, we can make a running list of things that GN'R have done since 2016 that I would have never believed in the realm of possibility: -Duff and Slash rejoining the band, and actually managing to stay in the band conflict free. -Re-introduction of some serious deep cuts into the set ("Coma", "Double Talkin' Jive", "Shadow of Your Love") -Half of Chinese Democracy being played with Slash and Duff with enough proficiency that they can randomly pull out and perform a song like "Catcher in the Rye" after four years and make it work. -Axl singing a Velvet Revolver song (honestly, this one still remains the most mind-blowing for me given how much Velvet Revolver infuriated him in years past). -Pro shot videos (you can argue with quality of the video and performances, but this was something we requested for quite some time) -Steven Adler performing with the band -The "Nirvana/GN'R rivalry" ending with Dave Grohl playing with the band on multiple occasions. -And, most recently, the live debut and release of two new tracks (including physical product), which were actually made available online in a reasonable manner, without any delay, and with no finger-pointing for mistakes being made in the release plan.
  9. About to head back home to Atlanta, but will post full thoughts later. I can’t believe I’m saying this in 2021, but it was the beat GN’R show I’ve seen. Set list was unbelievable (and I can cross “Catcher” off my list) and the crowd was absolutely insane (as someone else here pointed out, it got packed right at the beginning). A few noticeable issues, but the energy of the show and “swing for the fences” set list more than made up for it.
  10. More thoughts tomorrow, but whatever Axl is doing, he needs to keep it up. I’ve never seen him this animated and talkative, and the energy more than makes up for the more iffy vocals.
  11. Yes, I noticed random words from “Oh My God” showed up on the video during YCBM. In regards to YCBM he said he likes to imagine it’s lines from an episode of The Sopranos, but he knows the song is older than The Sopranos. I eat my words in regards to crowd. They showed up and it’s the most rowdy crowd I’ve seen at a Guns show. He even said we needed to calm down before launching into YCBM. Only song I could hear him struggling with other than HS was “Better.”
  12. Sending this message from my phone as I had to know what the forum thought of that “Hard Skool”. Beyond the timing, there was some kind of delay that rendered his vocals inaudible at the end. He took it well and said “that was a festive mess.” Another Izzy shout out during YCBM
  13. And thanks for the well wishes. I do love this band, and haven’t seen them since 2016, so there will be some goodies in the set for me. That being said, I’m also a realist and know they probably aren’t an arena band anymore. Pleasantly surprised by WVH so far!
  14. Did not pick up any merch. I have loved every single shirt to this point, but tonight’s shirt didn’t do it for me; plus I just dropped too much money on the “Hard School” merch a few days back. WVH took stage 10 minutes ago
  15. Just got here and seated. Overheard some of the staff saying the ticket sales were abysmal.
  16. Do I smell some money in escrow....lie detector tests....tennis matches?
  17. Like @RussTCB said, I have consistently held the position on this forum that if they released new music, no matter how inconsequential, I would buy it. I am a man of my word for that (and am proud to be proven wrong for once).
  18. When I saw them in 2011, Axl said something not even in the realm of possibility. I think it was something like "Ferraria".
  19. He has made progress on being able to say it. Even as recently as 2014, he was screwing up Frank's last name. Now he has it, but just sounds like he has to muster all his concentration to get it right, and still isn't 100% sure.
  20. I have no issue with Matt's actual performances. He's a monster drummer. They just sound awful in terms of mixing.
  21. My gut reaction was Use Your Illusion II, and I voted accordingly. Then I immediately start thinking of "Dust n' Bones", "Coma", and "Perfect Crime" being some of my all-time favorites. Ultimately, I think Use Your Illusion II has the highest highs, but I think the sequencing of Use Your Illusion I remains superior.
  22. No beef with them celebrating an album anniversary with new merchandise like any other band on the planet, but this stuff just looks atrocious.
  23. Like many I've had some "what-ifs" and "wouldn't it be cool" hypothetical scenarios with the Use Your Illusion albums (what if they made a great one-disc album, what if it was the "rawer" sounding mixes before Axl added all his weird shit, wouldn't it be cool if Matt's drum sound did not sound like a wet pool noodle hitting cement), but ultimately, they are the albums we got and the albums that satisfied the public at the time. Much like getting an official mix of "...And Justice for All" with bass at this point, it's best just to enjoy what we got: warts and all. Ultimately, much like The Beatles' self-title album, the Use Your Illusion fractured mess showing a band in complete disarray that should be complete disasters, yet the disorganization and variety somehow work in the albums' favor. Like the aforesaid album, the most fun has been seeing how my preferences have changed over the years. Songs that I used to love for being in your face with their bad attitude ("Get in the Ring," "Shotgun Blues" and "Back off Bitch") now make me cringe a little. Despite not getting mentioned as much, I feel "You Could Be Mine" remains as great a single for the band as "Welcome to the Jungle" and low key one of the best hard rock songs ever. The Izzy songs that slipped into the background for me in younger years are now the highlights ("Dust n' Bones" might be a "top 5" for me). And of course the performances and emotion behind songs like "Coma" and "Estranged" were those "once in a career" type moments.
  24. Again, a lot of MSL stuff (although I specifically reading this rumor here as well), but the word was there had already been some start ups and slow downs and panics in negotiations, but the band finally reached an agreement and started rehearsing, just to have a band member throw a public temper tantrum and get kicked out. I'm sure Duff and Slash were concerned of it triggering Axl somehow and having him walk away.
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