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  1. I think the end is more like this my love Can it be? youve fallen from your grace with me oh my love oh now I’ve found the love that I believe in cause now more than ever i still remember your name
  2. *rant warning* Im a small business owner. I have been for over 5 years. My business thus far isn’t directly affected by this but I know a lot of people that own restaurants and other businesses. So many restaurants have pounds upon pounds of food set aside for saint Patrick’s day. The governor of NH shut all restaurants down last night except for takeout. All this after telling people on the radio Monday morning that he wasn’t planning on shutting down restaurants. The fact that the government, idc if it’s the president or a governor or a mayor can tell someone who put their lif
  3. I’m curious to see how this all plays out. Boston has cancelled school thru April 27th. A lot of states have cancelled school until the end of March. There’s a city in I think NJ that has a curfew now. Outside of major cities, I really can’t see the US going into a complete lockdown. There’s too much at stake and the country is far too divided. I’m hoping the virus dies off with the summer heat, and then hopefully they can have a vaccine by winter. I don’t see this ending any time soon without the entire world shutting down. Even if it cleared up in a country like Italy, eventually the ou
  4. Is state of grace really that hard for him to sing? He still has his lower register in tact so the beginning would be fine, then even the end part is pure mickey.
  5. Barbra Walter's Elton John Alex Trebec Ozzy Osbourne Eddie Van Halen Jimmy Carter RBG Neil Diamond Bill Cosby Larry King
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