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  1. We know me and my Elvis/soul monster has vocals because Axl’a said he recorded them on Christmas Eve and described them as something along the lines of the heaviest vocals he’s recorded (I forget the exact quote). Also how many Chinese democracy songs weren’t included in the leaks or didn’t have vocals? He obviously finished those. The leaks are from 22 years ago you really think all hasn’t laid down vocals in that long??
  2. Guns N’ Roses, mostly because I get tired of Myles’ voice after a few songs. Not that Axls voice is much better now a days, but I make an exception because he’s Axl
  3. Aside from on Duffs radio show, has anyone heard this get played on the radio yet?
  4. I’d like to hear Atlas or Soul Monster.. I think atlas is the most likely
  5. I could see that. Then once the album is out a month or so release atlas as the 3rd single
  6. So out of curiousity, do you guys think they put out an album this year? I wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped Hardschool as a single before the end of the North American tour.
  7. I like it, but what’s the goal here? Casual fans aren’t going to like it because it doesn’t sound like GnR and radio stations aren’t going to play it because half the song would be bleeped out. My guess is an album is coming and Hardschool will be the lead single, maybe they’ll do an iHeart radio exclusive promo or something with that
  8. I mean typically though if there’s an album coming out they’re not going to give us everything they have. Chinese Democracy was the exception because of how long it took to be released. But generally bands play one or two songs before an album is released. Not half the songs like the case was with CD
  9. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been stuck in my head all morning
  10. Wasn’t there someone on this forum back in like 2013 who said that they asked axl about silkworms and he said it would be on the next album and reworked, and I think we all laughed and said they were lying? Can we figure out who that was and send them an apologies card?
  11. If you had told me years ago that the first new song GNR would play with Slash would be silkworms I would’ve bet everything I owned against that. I didn’t think there was anyway silkworms would see the light of day again. I would be homeless. I would’ve bet my house. I don’t understand there’s Perhaps, State of Grace, Hardschool and who knows what else ready to go and they chose silkworms. That’s litterally the most Axl thing ever.
  12. I rarely post on the forums anymore, but I still come back here when a tour starts hoping for something new.. Good luck to everyone going! I really feel like this is a turning point for the band.
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